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  1. @Betty Boop I love my crystals but I’m a beginner and don’t know how to read them yet. Here’s to HOPIUM!!!
  2. @yota691 please accept my condolences on the loss of your father. Sending you Love Light Blessings and Prayers❣️
  3. I want that also❣️ I would be in heaven!!!!
  4. God’s Morning to Y’all Thank you Adam. I loved your explanation and it was easy to understand. (I used to zone out in class....) GO SCHMOOLIE LOVE, LIGHT, BLESSINGS, AND PRAYERS
  5. @King BeanI actually saw them in the 60’s. My dad used to take us to the free concerts in Golden Gate Park. So many good free concerts back then.
  6. @Shedagal he is not a member but a very good friend of his is on here. He posts amazing finds for us. They share information constantly between themselves. In fact he proved that the RV did, can, and will happen. We believe we are knocking on destiny’s door. Now if someone will open it and let us all in. Gods Blessings Love Light and Prayers to All.
  7. @KristiD Thank you my dear.
  8. @tigergorzow my brother reads more than anyone I know. He told me about this investment. He follows actual news and lets me know what is going on, all over the world. I usually don’t post about anything he shares with me out of respect for him and I wait to see if it is posted here first. I swear over the last year everything he tells me shows up as reliable verified information within 48 hours or less. Soooooo we wait with s@#t-eating grins on our faces. Our time is here!!!!!!
  9. Did anyone hear about the lower denominations coming out and value being added to the rate? I got a text (from a reliable source) saying the citizens are being alerted to this.
  10. @yota691 and @tigergorzow so happy to see you both posting. Thank you once again for all of what you bring to this forum. Blessings Love Light and Prayers to all.
  11. I still watch Father Knows Best on ME TV here in the Bay Area.💓
  12. Iraq’s President looks like Marcus Welby MD
  13. @umbertino I am praying you and yours are holding on and doing well.
  14. I’m on a Shelter In Place in Contra Costa County in California. And I realized I’m an elderly person that needs to be so careful to protect myself.
  15. I’m in California and I’m a waitress.... At least one of my restaurants is now closed and the other one is next. I’m not sure how this is going to pan out for me but I have to file for unemployment benefits as of today. Praying for everyone.
  16. He was following the polite rules. And stating 💩-head 😂😂😂
  17. Many blessings, prayers, love and light going out to you and your loved ones. Thank you for keeping us updated and checking in.😍
  18. Thank you to all, for your kind words. I have always seen 11:11 since I was child and have always sent a prayer and a wish at that time. It is what I’m known for amongst family and friends. Shouting out loud: “It’s 11:11. Make a Wish!” In fact my first grandchild was born at 11:11 and my daughter said through her meds induced fog right after giving birth: Only your first grandchild would be born at 11:11, Mom! We laughed until we cried. And I have Dinar pinned to my vision board with, It’s 11:11 Make a Wish! right next to it and have kept it there for years. So we will al
  19. I read something that if everyone prayed at the same time every day for the same thing it helps. So maybe we can pick a specific time (say 11:11 PST for example) that correlates to your specific time zone where you live and send our specific special prayer up and out to the heavens and God, every day, this will help. I will pray that this comes to fruition on March 22nd. I have faith and I believe. God’s Morning Y’all. Thank you all for this beautiful heartfelt uplifting thread.
  20. @gregp Thanks. I hope he makes more in English .
  21. @ChuckFinley I looked him up but unfortunately the other postings he’s made are in Arabic. So we are going to have to wait on more of his English versions. He has two in English.
  22. I think I’m gonna watch him on YouTube. This is the first bit of reporting that I’m able to tolerate. And I appreciate his sense of humor. AIR 😂😂 You learn something new every day.
  23. GregHi, Thank you for sharing. What a reality check. Those poor Iraqi citizens having to protest to get the necessities and being shot at! I pray that things change and the government sees the light and does what needs to be done to give their people a decent life to live. God shed and share blessings to these people.
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