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    Go Iraq

    CBI sure has been vocal the past few weeks. Love it. Smaller category notes notice to all banks, financial management law, Trade banks opening,mechanisms in place for counting and verifying notes..exciting news across the board.
  2. Thank you Master Yota for your amazing dedication to this site over the years, You got this!happy 100k
  3. likewise brother you are a true soldier man you been doing the news for years, take us home yota.
  4. in another article i read it was finalized. So.. im just guessing here that it may be done?
  6. The Central Bank confirms the continued supply of banks with small groups of currency 23rd May, 2019 The Central Bank of Iraq, on Thursday, it continues to provide banks with small groups of currency. The bank said in a statement received Alsumaria News a copy of it, "continuing to provide all banks with small groups of the Iraqi currency." The bank added that "the supply of this currency is by withdrawing funds from the assets of banks located in the Central Bank." It is noteworthy that the Central Bank of Iraq printed large amounts of small currency coins during the last period after most of them were damaged and refused to deal with many citizens.
  7. It is noteworthy that the Central Bank of Iraq printed large amounts of small currency coins during the last period after most of them were damaged and refused to deal with many citizens. wait what? fils? LD's?
  8. interesting timing by Iran,wonder what their neighbor Iraq has in the works?
  9. lmao its pathetic isnt it? i had to unblock him just to see what the hell he is still blabbin about and of course he goes on saying the same crap, talk about a broken record.... but hey lopsters have been trying to save us all from our shattered dreams for years and guess what no lop yet lol. No one and i mean no one should ever listen to some one with no skin in the game i agree with you caz because they are biased and usually have a motive but im sure rock is educating us with all good intentions right? :rolls eyes:
  10. not quite sure myself what it means was hoping someone knew more than i do about financial tables and i find it weird they use the word revaluation on their spreadsheet for current year.
  11. check bottom of page- Revaluation for current year? expenses. Financial Situation Tables for CBI. Table of August /2017
  12. Barzani doesnt want to be voted out, he knows his political days are numbered, so what does he do? tries to cause division and rally kurds around himself for his own agenda straight out of maliki playbook. The Barzani family is worth billions how did they get all that? well they stole it of course. The referedum is unconstitutional they need a legal census to do this which they dont have. The Un has already shut them down, so has Iran and Turkey. No one agrees with it. Barzanis arrogance and pride will be his downfall in the end. Abadi isnt worried because the U.S doesnt back the kurds to secede from baghdad. IMHO its a ploy of pride and arrogance from the corrupt barzani family that will go NOWHERE.
  13. Barzani is a crook just like maliki out for his own agenda. The Barzani family has stolen billions from the people of iraq. He doesnt want to lose power.
  14. heres to hoping but it came from the horses mouth i believe this is the real deal this time around. Time to open the flood gates for investment and their currency.
  15. From twitter: Abadi: "Iraq also exited from the UN's Chapter Seven"PM praises the development of Iraq's economy and encourages investment and diversification in his weekly press conference:<--click here for video — Government of Iraq (@IraqiGovt) August 9, 2017 Courtesy of Delta from KTFA around 1:15 mark in subtitles english........... click here for video link---->
  16. I focus on the news more so now adays and truthfully i have stopped worrying about when the dinar will RV.. I however do believe some gurus are more astute as far as following the news and articles the ones that give out dates constantly i stay far away from now adays. I normally form my own opinion when reading the news. I do however believe Iraq is making great progress and the CBI is talking more and more since mosul was liberated now the bigger question is how much longer are they going to sit idle and keep using the us dollar. They need to add value and give the citizens more purchasing power to buy things without carrying around tons of worthless paper of their national currency that is worth nothing compared to the us dollar. The banks will get much more confidence from the iraqi citizens wen they see their own currency actually have value until then they wont trust the gov or banks.
  17. all is well brother yes i am excited for what is to come wit investment inn Iraq now that isis is mainly gone. Iraq will have to get off the U.S dollar and give their citizens purchasing power at some point wit their dinar. I believe this will be rather soon. No more excuses Iraq.lets get it done.
  18. now that Abadi is back home we should see some major announcements within the week or so.
  19. why you ask? because their were major terrorists in their country thats why therefore their was NO security and stability throughout Iraq. A major reason i believe this took place is maliki ,corruption and Iran also the incompetence of our former president Obama pulling troops out way too early. Bush actually warned of another terrorist organization rising affter al queda. Obama did not listen. So now Trump wants at least 100k troops to stay in Iraq ffor this very reason to stop something like this from happening again. America has major investment and money tied into Iraq also we have lost many lives there. Trump wants to ensure we get paid back what we are due and that both of our countries prosper and are wealthy. So my opinion security is there already and stability is coming soon wit the announcement of mosul being liberated meaning isis is gone from iraq!!! hang in there.
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