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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can! gotta head over to Alsabaah..look at these headlines..OMG


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Thanks TBomb!!!


Great stuff....I don't know who is excited more right now, The Iraqi's or the Investor's, who have been sitting through this for a ton of years??  Really, it doesn't matter!  We are almost there right now!!!


Go RV or RI Soon!!!!


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That so cute! I wish I could do video's,articles and pictures and bring them over I don't know how.  

i saw this on the link tbomb posted  so i right clicked on the picture then clicked on copy .. then pasted it into the  reply box ..

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These articles read like they are out of Chapter 7 already. Am I ahead of myself.

I think that for the most part...they are! Just a matter of making it official!! And its very interesting....exactly ten years later!! This was laid out in the "playbook" that detailed the entire invasion, and what would George W. and his partners...all wriiten prior to the invasion!! He said the war would pay for itself...and we are getting ready to see exactly what they ment by that!!! God Bless!!!

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