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  1. Thanks @Pitcher great info! Guess I’ll keep working on Kraken! Lol Great vid @coorslite21 that puts it in a different perspective with all the stats and charts. Very good info. Really appreciate you guys!
  2. Meaning it will have a pretty good correction like it has in the past??
  3. @Pitcher I started setting up Kraken, but it’s weird to get money into it to make a purchase. Do you have any tips or advise for the simplest method to use it? I have Coinbase for most things but they don’t trade ADA and DOT.
  4. Will do on the vids... Once you move them can you still trade them on Coinbase or do you have to move them back to trade them?
  5. Hey @Pitcher...I am just starting to research and get into crypto a little. This whole thread is awesome! Thank you so much for putting it out there. I have been reading it for days and learning so much. I ordered the ledger nano pack today. I use Coinbase to trade but will start doing some with Kraken maybe since Coinbase doesn’t trade a few that I’m interested it. My question is how do you transfer your coins to the nano? ...and are you able to still sell them if they are moved from Coinbase to the nano or do they actually move or how does all that work??
  6. That would be $.82...within days...I won’t hold my breath, but interesting. Lots and lots going on.
  7. That’s what I always think about as well! Great news all around! Wow!
  8. Interesting...ISX is scheduled to be down the same 8 days...seems odd to plan a curfew starting a week from now that just lasts for 8 days?? Typically curfews start the day of and don’t really have an end date...
  9. So market rate went from ~1225 to 1124...seems odd. Any one have any comments? It usually struggles on the high side not the low side...
  10. It came up but didn’t update from 3/16/20, so looks like they didn’t actually open it up. Who knows!?!
  11. ISX site has been down all morning...anyone know if it ever opened today?
  12. Where did you see the 18th LB? I thought it was the 12th. Thanks for all your great input!!
  13. Thanks Ron! Does ISX still have that message about the 29th or has that been delayed?? Have a wonderful day!
  14. Hey it still showing the 29th on this page? I can’t find the page that said that. Thanks!
  15. Ha! Got it! ...and I see Alaq not Alak. Thanks!
  16. I sure hope it gets delivered before this pops! (How many times have I ordered and thought that??) lol ...7 years later
  17. I do find it a little interesting that they have had an amendment to FML on the agenda lately. Below is a quote about it from an old post in March before it passed in May... He added that "the Committee is keen to enact the law of financial administration as it gives a complete road map of the financial policy in the country in terms of management of money and cash in the state," pointing out that "the change will raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies while maintaining the stability of inflation In the country". "The Commission is determined
  18. You mean to tell me we should have been off this ride in 2015 and no one noticed?! Dang! Lol!!!
  19. I can’t imagine that they would educate about this very far in advance. It’s a non issue until they start de-dollarizing.
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