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  2. The Global Currency Reset is under implementation. The Global Currency Reset is under implementation.
  3. So has anyone heard of the new natural painkiller Delta 9. Its IPO is scheduled for March.I am just wondering what the best play on it is?
  4. Look at Adam with the news!!!! Cheers !!!Heres to a text message soon!!!
  5. 2.59 Pa. Just passed a transportation tax two months ago.
  6. Wow you seem to be really high on Jan 2015. I hope you are right. What So You know????
  7. y'all need to chill now.. I'm sure Adam is taking care of us.locally I heard some promising things. that's all I can say
  8. This is the second video I shot tonight and it did not turn out that well. But the first one early had a crazy amount of lightning . It just looked amazing. And like a lot of people do I connected it to God and the RV.
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