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  1. Good Question. Keep Hillarious away from Crypto’s and everyone should be ok. lol
  3. August 1st is the meeting with the IMF and Iraq.
  4. Yea, now that you got ISIS lover John McCain with a Brain Tumor maybe things will settle down.
  5. if you widen the pic pic you can see the Red $10 bill and there's a $20 in there somewhere. You can definitely see the $50
  6. Alright everybody you better go and get your concealed weapon permit. ISIS Is coming to Town !!!
  7. May The Monetary Reforms Go At The Speed Of Light At This Point On !!! Pass The HCL Law and All Other Laws NOW !!! Security and Stability Are All There Now. NO MORE EXCUSES IRAQ !!.! Now Now Brown Cow !!!
  8. I guess ISIS got tired of being tracked down and decided to end this battle quickly. Now, what is Iraq and Abadi going to use as an excuse to not go international?
  9. To me what's scary is Iraq was able to do this WITH the value as it is.
  10. What do you think would happen if everyone who bought Dinars decided they wanted to return their Dinars in for a refund? I bet a revalue would happen then. Lol
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