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  1. Well i see it as the boys are getting ready to exspand the sand box. Bring it on. Good find K98.
  2. Omally, anouther dumb , moron that thinks hes presadent material, Notttttttttttttttttttttt
  3. We can only Hope, This Train ride is wareing my butt out, id like to get off with a smile on my face some day. And you all thought ridding a hard tail chopper was hard on your butt LOL.Mental stress is worse. So when you get rich buy a bike its really relaxing.
  4. All SHEEP make there herder look bad, Needs to go back to Kenya and take his garbage with him
  5. And here we start all over with the mumbo jumbo, dont get excited folks they will screw it up as normal. We can only sit and wait till some one with some balls pulls the trigger.And Adam does his happy dance.
  6. I dont feel its a wrong or right thing in this case, every one has there own way of thinking and he exspressed his . Its called freedom of speech. If we lose it we are screwed. The left wants the power to control every aspect of your life and we the people are letting them get away with it.Just my thoughts if ya dont like them BITE ME.
  7. Well this is how i see it, If they do pass the law to 15 an hour all fast food will close, all drug stores , Super stores and most companys will fold and all these sorry protesting pricks will have no jobs at all.And it will serve the greedy bastards rite.Just my thoughts.
  8. One day they will have there own money worth something, but who nos when and how much. They cant seem to get there heads out of everybody s ass long enough to do any thing. Remember they were tought by the USA and dont make a move till We say they can. And for sure if Obama in office it aint going to happen till his sorry ass is out.
  9. Yea well her raceist ass wouldent have gotton to whare she is now if it was not for the Blacks and Whites togather pumping her up on the media. Ungratefull *****.
  10. Its all Talk, Thats what they are good at . It will happen we dont no when after most have traded there notes in they will drop the bomb wile we are sleeping. Wake up and its done.Its not costing me any thing for mine to sit and waist away till that day comes.IF ever.Thanks YOTA.
  11. Sounds like a good plan, but if they get the Obummer admin involved they are doomed from the start.
  12. Allways looking for hand outs, Like they dont have the money. They need to get there parlament to get there act togather and give them some of what they are hording.
  13. Was the best of the best, A true song writter and singer. Such a shame of his passing and drug abuse.
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