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  1. Neocons are back — and worse than ever! Debunking their unthinkable new defense You'd think disastrous failures would shame the Bush-loving neocons into hiding. Here's why they need to go -- now There are several remarkable aspects of Reihan Salam’s recent essay “Why I am Still a Neocon,” but none so much as its timelessness. Though ostensibly a consideration of what it means to be a post-Iraq neoconservative, Salam’s essential arguments are the same as those of the pre-war neocons; a substantially similar version of the piece could have been run in 2002 under the headline “Why I am
  2. You are correct Umbertino, thank you for the correction how about I debunk this one. Will seniors be denied cancer treatment under Obamacare? According to a chain email making the rounds, people over 75 years old will be denied cancer treatment under theAffordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, after President Barack Obama. The email also states that vitamin B12 shots won’t be covered under Medicare because of Obamacare. Also, your primary care physician will have to admit you into a hospital -- as opposed to, oh let’s say, an emergency care doctor -- or Medi
  3. Eagle Eye they lie as much, but in a dinar site where the vast majority is left to far left leaning, somebody has to print the truth. The truth based on the Bible is not truth, its more like legend and folk stories written by men. The simple fact that the story of the world flood was written hundred of years before the bible , and that the 10 commandments and laws of Moses are all based on the Code of Hammurabi are 2 basic examples that it can not be taken as totally factual. Now I will believe whoever can can give a valid, non mythological explaination of the universe. the best exa
  4. 8 shocking facts the media doesn’t have the courage to tell you The following are all relevant, fact-based issues, the “hard news” stories that the media has a responsibility to report. But the business-oriented press generally avoids them. What happened to "All the news that's fit to print"? 1. U.S. Wealth Up $34 Trillion Since Recession. 93% of You Got Almost None of It. That’s an average of $100,000 for every American. But the people who already own most of the stocks took almost all of it. For them, the average gain was well over a million dollars — tax-free as long as they don’t c
  5. Paul Ryan’s honesty problem: How he just exposed GOP’s true Obamacare intentions Golden boy inadvertently admits GOP doesn't agree insurers should be prohibited from discriminating against the ill Democrats are jumping all over Paul Ryan for telling Bloomberg TV that if Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act, they won’t reimplement Obamacare’s popular requirement that children can stay on their parents’ health insurance plans until they’re 26. I don’t have a full transcript, but the quote in this Washington Post story actually reveals a great deal more about Republ
  6. 5 things conservatives lie about shamelessly The right still somehow insists that climate change isn't real and that the ACA will euthanize old people Mark Twain once famously said, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Twain wasn’t praising lies with this comment, of course, but modern-day conservatives seem to think he was dishing out advice instead of damning the practice of dishonesty. Conservatives have figured out a neat little rhetorical trick: One lie is easy for your opponents to debunk. Tell one lie after another, however,
  7. This is the way March ends not with a bang but a whimper Weather lore says that March comes in like a like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Applied to birtherism, March came in with bluster and high expectations of the great denouement of the “O-bots,” the shattering of their universe. Here on the last day of March, let’s take stock of the month: Orly Taitz endorsed by Pastor Manning, only to find herself joined at the hip with his homophobic street sign Tea Party Nation repudiates Taitz claim of endorsement CalGuns repudiates Taitz claim of endorsement Michael
  8. 5 ways libertarians have it all wrong As the youth of America continues to become disenchanted with the current two party system, young Americans have embraced social liberalism and the idea that government needs to stay out of certain areas of people's lives. Though not all young Americans are socially liberal with an economic slant toward conservatism and a negative opinion of the government, the movement is growing. With this movement growing, many have argued that Republican congressman Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, could lead the charge for libertarians moving forward. The i
  9. Victory for atheist denied parole for not attending religious substance abuse program A Missouri atheist who was denied probation because he refused to participate in a religious-based substance abuse program has won a legal victory against Western Reception, Diagnostic, and Correctional Center (WRDCC) in St. Joseph. The United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit ruled that the district court that dismissed Randall Jackson’s lawsuit with prejudice erred in doing so. Jackson had sued the WRDCC because he claimed that, as an atheist, its Offenders Under Treatment Program (
  10. Documents reveal secretive Hollywood group’s shady donations to conservative politicians Before Republican Senator Ted Cruz flew to Los Angeles to speak to Hollywood’s secretive right-wing organization, Friends of Abe (FOA), Cruz suggested to the Hollywood Reporter that IRS’s reluctance to immediately ordain FOA as a 501©(3) nonprofit tax-free charity was a left-wing government conspiracy. (IRS exemption requirements for 501©(3) charities can be found here.) The online Hollywood Reporter quotes Cruz on 2/20/2014 saying, “FOA should respond to the IRS as it would any McCarthyi
  11. Paul Ryan is unsuited to lead ‘adult conversation’ about poverty These days, a favorite talking point of Republican Congressman Paul Ryan’s is calling for an “adult conversation” about poverty. “It’s time for an adult conversation,” he told The Washington Post. “If we actually have an adult conversation,” he said in remarks at the Brookings Institution, “I think we can make a difference.” The problem is that a prerequisite for any adult conversation is telling the truth and it is there the congressman falls monumentally short. In addition to Rep. Ryan’s rece
  12. Steven Seagal favors Putin over Obama and says he may emigrate to Russia Action movie star Steven Seagal said in an interview with the Moscow Times that he is in favor of Russia’s military action in Crimea and that he may someday emigrate to the former Soviet Union. According to Atlantic magazine’s The Wire blog, Seagal called Putin “one of the great world leaders” and said he “would like to consider him as a brother.” While the action star’s fortunes have faded somewhat in this hemisphere, in Russia, Seagal is still a huge star. Of late, he has befriended wealthy Russian
  13. Yota do you need to be debunked also??? Obama did not seal any college records. All college records are protected under the The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1976. No president prior to Obama has had to provide college records. its not a requirement. This is an example of mostly old baloney in a new casing. It mainly recycles years-old falsehoods and insinuations, most of which we covered long ago, in connection with an earlier viral email. But with President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign heating up, this new graphic has appeared on countless anti-Ob
  14. They did look into who Obama is. So did every single 3 letter agency in the US government. You have the right to your beliefs but not to the facts.
  15. I will provide more proof of my claims. Rawle’s View of the Constitution of the United States (1825)The following paragraph was cited by Congressman Wilson of Iowa in debate on the 14th Amendment. Musata v. U.S. Department of Justice, United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit (1999) The courts in this case assumed that two children of aliens are “natural born citizens of the United States.” Lynch v. Clarke, New York in 1844This case is important because it was among those cited by the United States Supreme Court in United States v. Wong Kim Ark as well as other lower c
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