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  1. Yota, you are a wonderful and positive news-hound! Thank you! I do not have as much hope in this investment as I did several years ago, but I refuse to give up. One day we may all be glad we did not listen to all the negative yickity-yack. They wear me out!
  2. are too verbal!! Can you cut down on the words!
  3. Gee...get out of the shark tank Mr. Optimistic! Here is a boat Boy...people are over reacting. It is just a post. I would have given you a larger, more attractive boat but figured it did not fit the "shark tank" size mentioned.
  4. You know what is sad? There was a "year" that i believed that C--P! Wow! Cant believe I was that stupid! I remember staying up almost all night once waiting on some big event! Even wonder about myself now! I know this. I am not going to sit around and wait for this to happen. Trying to make good choices on the more reasonable ways to retire. Got to have hope...I hope in God...and just wish for the Dinar to RV!! boy do i wish! But I am not staying up all night! lol
  5. OH My...Tough topic...but thank you men and women who did and do protect our country and other innocents. Freedom has it's risks...but God gave us all the same believe or not believe in Him...The real enemy is behind the scenes of hate, deceit, murder, etc...the battle is fought in the prayer first and then in the natural. Anyway...on topic...on fox news I heard an interview with McCain...he commented about how bad al-Qaeda is again/still in Iraq. Was not a happy report.
  6. Do I like the UN and respect their opinions? No to a large is still an outside source saying that Iraq's banking is not up to speed with the rest of the world. So how could they even handle what would happen with a RV? Yet we know they are running businesses, they have a stock market and there are plenty of big daddy Warbucks that want to see Iraq succeed. Surely somebody is overseeing the banks that has the knowledge and desire to see Iraq get up to par with the rest of the world! Everybody cant be asleep over there!
  7. are amazing! You put in so much effort in finding interesting articles for all of us to consider! Thanks!!
  8. and that would increase the masses of dinar on the street unless it RV's
  9. Love the article!! Thanks the outfit but something just does not seem right with it....hmm...maybe the shoes are too tall???
  10. "by reducing the masses of cash with groups large in the local market." quote taken from TQueezy It sounds like the reduction of "masses/extremely large" amount of cash would mean the value would need to go way up to make the dinar worth Massively more money. RV RV maybe!!! Then it could take less physical dinar to purchase an item.
  11. Maybe they are just depressed! Cheer up! Take a break and wait for a text!
  12. The real exchange rate has been appreciating over the past three years, and remains broadly in line with fundamentals (Appendix 1).
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