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  1. This should have been highlighted also "2 - Suspension of allocations ration card and social guarantees and converted to the share of comprehensive basic income" Im suspecting this basic income is for every person in Iraq not just the poor.
  2. Financial Reform of Iraq / 2017 Financial Reform of Iraq: Vision for the years 2018-2020 Dr. Mohamed Saleh published on the Iraqi economists' network a paper titled "Financial Strengthening of Iraq: A Vision for the years 2018-2020" .1 As usual, our Galilee professor puts before us the high academic burden and practical experience as the most important economic adviser to the government. There is no dispute with the doctor about the description of the problem, in the economy of "extreme rent." If we add to the low oil prices, the possibility of continuing decline, increasing internal and external debt and the need to cover them in the foreseeable future, "the burdens of the war on terrorism and the burden of reconstruction ... Requires a rigid financial program to rebalance the economy and the fiscal balance of the Treasury However, Dr. Saleh's proposals in the "approach of adjustment and financial consolidation 2018-2020" fall in the same mistake and the lost mirage in which most economists in the rentier countries are in the call for balance by increasing the share of non-oil resources in national income. For example, In 1961 until today, it only served to deepen the rentier dependence in an inevitable spiral, out of which, because of the nature of the "rent" state. The salvation lies not in the reinterpretation of all the writing on the subject, there is only a door and its economic methods, and all lost in the mirage of illusion to the dynamics of the state rent that necessitates deepening the dependence of rent, which is loyal to Mina, only to demolish the basis on which the economy depends on the four components: 1- The main income of the economy from oil exports. 2- The value added and local labor are not a small percentage of the total value of oil exports. 3. Oil revenues come from abroad. 4- The rent income goes to the government. In the Iraqi House of Representatives (the Democratic), the deputies race to add burdens on the budget of their regions or what they represent in the interests of factional and regional. (The government) to compete in the looting of rent money through the financial and administrative corruption rampant in all rent countries, which peaked in Iraq.Which believes that Iraq is an anomalous situation, Libya is seen as Gaddafi, Nigeria, Angola and Venezuela. So what is the solution? The solution is to overthrow the state rent equation and turn it into a state that is charged with giving oil income to citizens with universal basic income, and financing the state budget through a tax imposed on citizens. In terms of principle, article (111) of the Constitution states that oil and gas belongs to the Iraqi people, and this is an appropriate entrance to overthrow the equation of the rentee state. In this sense, the populist auctions in the load of the budget burdens of parliamentary auctions, and executive corruption turn to the keenness to reduce the budget and accountability of the executive authority in terms of (tax without representation and control) (no tax without representation). In practice, the 2018 budget can be started with the following steps: First: Collect the following paragraphs and convert them into a comprehensive and equal cash balance to all residents of the citizens on the basis of the families' record of the ration card: 1- Selling crude oil to domestic consumption at the external market price, after a certain discount (5-8 dollars per barrel). 2- Stop ration card allocations, social guarantees and transfer them to the share of comprehensive basic income. 3- Remove electricity allocations from the budget starting in 2018 and pay the electricity sector for self-financing (with the provision of gas at cost). Second: the freezing of oil allocations for the subsequent budgets (2019 and beyond) at the price and quantity of 2018, and the conversion of each increase in price and production to the reserve fund generation (sovereign fund) and the development of universal primary income (UBI) and linking it in the future with oil revenues outside the budget. "1" - Dr. Mazhar Mohammed Saleh - . Adnan Al - Janabi - Salvation from the Renting State - Iraqi Studies. Adnan Al Janabi 6/8/2017
  3. Reuters TV‏Verified account @ReutersTV 14m14 minutes ago More Victory expected 'in the coming hours' in Mosul
  4. Map Update July-4-2017 100 #ISIS suicide bombers inside a 150 meters & thousands of civilians used as human shield in #Mosul Old city #Iraq
  5. Happy 4th from the great white north. May you have a fantastic day.
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