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  1. This should have been highlighted also "2 - Suspension of allocations ration card and social guarantees and converted to the share of comprehensive basic income" Im suspecting this basic income is for every person in Iraq not just the poor.
  2. Financial Reform of Iraq / 2017 Financial Reform of Iraq: Vision for the years 2018-2020 Dr. Mohamed Saleh published on the Iraqi economists' network a paper titled "Financial Strengthening of Iraq: A Vision for the years 2018-2020" .1 As usual, our Galilee professor puts before us the high academic burden and practical experience as the most important economic adviser to the government. There is no dispute with the doctor
  3. Reuters TV‏Verified account @ReutersTV 14m14 minutes ago More Victory expected 'in the coming hours' in Mosul
  4. Map Update July-4-2017 100 #ISIS suicide bombers inside a 150 meters & thousands of civilians used as human shield in #Mosul Old city #Iraq
  5. Happy 4th from the great white north. May you have a fantastic day.
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