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  1. In the last 2 1/2 years, I have had my right knee replaced twice with a prosthetic knee. My surgeon claims this was caused by my years of 8-10 hour a day walking on concrete. His solution is the $150.00 shoes I need to replace every 90 days or so. Add that to the other required attire.... It's enough to make me feel entitled, write a letter and complain about the job that I'm fortunate to have right now! Give me a break you self absorbed aholes...
  2. God Bless all of you and your families who have served to keep us all free.
  3. I have tried several times in the last 2 weeks to renew my VIP using the discount code provided by Adam in his broadcast email. I have tried using the Ink Adam provided as well as my VIP link on the web page. I wanted to do the 6 months VIP before it exspires. Please Help... Dinarspot
  4. I would love to hear SUDDENLY and IMPLEMENTED in the same news line,
  5. He will be back under his real name; Blew Okie
  6. How sad but true. Dear God, please have mercy on those who believe And are called according to your purpose.
  7. Thanks Yota, lots of positive news comming out, lelts pray they are in the final stages..
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