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  1. To be continue When!!! I've waited this long, I can wait a bit longer. Now where's that wine bottle and glass!!! What!!! everyone else is hitting the bottle.
  2. REPEAL and replace. First word he mentions in both these tweets.
  3. Didn't need a poll to tell me this. She lost favor a long time ago and more so with Benghazi, classified emails, abortion and more.
  4. They won't pass anything, because they know Trump will veto it. Trump was for a repeal. Before Obama would veto everything. Obama care was designed to collapse so the government can takeover with one party pay. REPEAL OR GET OUT OF THE WAY. Pelosi is drooling to get back in there. You're correct RV ME, she's loosing moisture, she'll need more than a facelift.
  5. This a joke!!!! They better be careful it may come back to bite them.
  6. Here's one, how many years will the left be grateful for Trump's achievements? I can truly understand what you mean by blaming the public. Here's another way to view it. The parties consist of politicians and the people. The reason why we vote for these politicians, because they have the power to make changes, but it doesn't always work out this way. Unfortunately the politicians have failed the people, and it's a given, you are correct, some will vote the same way each time. This is something that will never change. We can complain that's great, but it will take action to see changes...maybe not in our time or just maybe never.
  7. My name has nothing to do with my conscience. And just because I questioned your piece, are you assuming, insinuating that I am not disturbed by this organization. Your attempt to lower, smear my integrity, my moral and ethical principles has failed you. If it makes you feel any better, all organization who are against the peoples are on my radar. Remember... Angels are warriors too.
  8. This chart is misleading. It states that these states have one active KKK group, why would they shade in the whole state. You do realize that each state consist of each party, then it states that "no documentation of active KKK group" which to me means they're could possibly be. BA you're as bad as the fake news. You're trying a bit to hard to dicredit the conservative party. Your animosity is hindering you.
  9. Sorry Shabs won't get into a childish gibberish conversation with you. I stated what I stated and so be it. Besides if I did or did not reply, you would come up with some irrelevant response.
  10. NYK I was going to take pieces of your statement and bold, but as I began to read I couldn't just bold bits and pieces, It wouldn't do justice to what you wrote, and what so many here are thinking and wish others wouldn't just open their eyes to what is happening. This was deliberate distortion on BA's part. This is exactly what the crooked media does on an everyday basis.
  11. Poor woman! Bless her little heart.
  12. Sure we can!!! butttt when it infringes on my freedoms, silence isn't golden. Hi Rico
  13. NICE collection to my fun jewelry!!!!