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  1. CPS needs to step in, NOW.
  2. Welcome newbies, your opinion counts, some may agree or not agree, don't take it personally, have fun and pray for a soon RV.
  3. Another whiny story from MSNBC!!! Distraction at its best. Nothing compared to the last administration. Praying for the innocent victims.
  4. I agree, srap it. Spoiled brats, leaches want everything free. Shame on you parents for molding they minds, that the government will take care of them....government gives, government can always take away. If we allow it, then it will continue.
  5. B/A, falling for another distraction. The media and liberals will print, and speak in fork tongues about anything and everything to distract. It's sad to see people believe in everything the media say. All they want to do is destroy the one person who is defending our freedoms. Blinded by the mainstream media can be dangerous to your thought process. If it takes away your freedoms, liberties and pursuit of happiness we are in trouble. If it oppresses us, if it turns people against each other, if it takes our hard earned money and gives it away to those who leach off of us, if it tax the hell out of us... are all red flags. I see you bringing over a lot of mainstream articles, which we all know is twisted, lies, and fake. If they can dig up, make up s%#!... you're bringing it over. Getting boring indeed and most important we are well aware of your intent.
  6. If you can manage a whole bunch of peace, then go for it. You have time LGD just keep praying for the unbelievers and doing God's wonderful works, you have it in you heart... to be His disciple.
  7. Guilty!!!
  8. She definitely has the advantage!!!!
  9. You meanie Shabs, that's one big kid setting the example of "dislike."