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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

G.E.T. Team Dinar Cash-in Story (in Switzerland)


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Trading in my old camel for a new one tomorrow. . Thanks GET Team. You guys are the #1 source for reliable info.

I'm trading my double hump fer a triple humper so I can bring my sac of Dinars for all the poor folk!

Love it! :P

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Well, when will end? Just as soon as the Real RV happens! Until then be prepared to be inundated with Liars and Pumpers trying to make that last quick buck and take some naive persons hard earned money! :angry:

The only thing we can do is keep the truth out there and keep telling people not to believe anything in Rumors! Unless it comes from a verified and well known source! And then a quick check of the Forex Site will tell the truth! If it’s still setting at 1170 you can be assured nothing has changed or RV'ed! I am very sure it will show there before it shows at our banks here in the US so when you see this kind of stuff, check with someone you know and go to the Forex site and you'll know if something is Really happening!


I think the Iraqi have a lot on there plate and I would not expect to see an RV in the next few days or even weeks! But it should happen soon or I don't see how they will be able to do business and sell oil etc. and pay there people first what they owe them and make good on the money they owe other countries and when you see that stuff happening an RV is very close for sure! :D

Until then don't believe any of this fairytale stuff that has no proof! Well, that’s my rumor, Hope it Really RVs Soon!!!! :P

GO GO GO RV!!!!! Have Fun, Take Care, God Bless, Merlin...

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From Credit Suisse Bank Currency Converter:

Exchange Rate of 05.04.11,

Euro Iraqi Dinar

EUR 1 = IQD 1692.05

Thank you SMcRae :)

That is all that is needed to the fact that at this time,

could we *please* at least stop the posting of G.E.T. team lies? It is obvious that

these folks are frauds and have crossed the line with their fabrications a long time ago.

I only suggest this because this information is damaging and it has hurt enough

people over time. It is insanity to keep promoting this garbage. It is evident whose

interests they have in mind. We do not need the drama and hype, we need good

intelligent discussion and deal with reality, not dreamland.

All my best! :)



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