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    That which does not kill you will only make you stronger! Tough Christian

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  1. Haven't heard from Adam! If it doesn't come from him, It's just entertaining reading! Dreaming is free.
  2. When Adam passes on information I'll get excited!
  3. If you haven't heard anything from Adam, it's just another wishful thinking out loud.
  4. Hang tough Lady! Had L-4, L-5, & S-1 fused and rodded after two back to back surgeries a week apart 9 weeks ago. It is/was a bear. To many jumps out of C-130's! Today I took no medication for pain. First time in over 10 years of strong stuff. God is great and the Doctors have a special gift from Him. Get well soon! See you at the bank.
  5. This is nothing new, paying protester has been done in just about every protest. 1989 people were paid to protest at the main gate at Fort Ord when we went to Panama. This was the first time I had heard of such a thing. From then I've researched protest while in Washington, D.C. and found paid protester at several other protest. Always follow the money trail.
  6. I would include all political leaders as well at every level of government, local to federal! They should be the one's to pay for it as well. It could come from their election campaign funds.
  7. As I have said many times before! We should have killed this clown long ago. But our political leaders were afraid we would up set the Muslims. Hell, we up set most of these clowns any way. One shot, one kill. Please let our guys off the leash!
  8. R/V soon? Heard that before, 100 plus times. Adams said we were going to hear something soon! We did, sales went up. I love this stuff!
  9. Would you post the location and phone number of the bank please. I would like to open an account there. Or just contact me on this site with the info. I'm sure they would like my business as well.
  10. To you folks who voted for Obama, is this the CHANGE you were looking for? Will you vote for him in 2012? If you really want freedom and change you need to vote him out of office. Now to the other political party members we need to find someone who will do what is right for America and Americans and not put their political favors ahead of us. Thanks Obama for keeping your word and CHANGING us down the road to the poor house.
  11. Why is this a surprise? Lawyers are the only ones who ever get paid worth a hoot in a lawsuit. Best legal system money can buy.
  12. I'll wait till I clear the bank and have $$$$ secure in the accounts! Dreaming is free! Trust in no man and no man will ever deceive you! See you at the bank. Positive note, Adam is not known to pass out horse hockey!
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