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  1. Terry K. Been saying the same thing every day for six years . His eyes are brown because he is full of dog dung. Count on him being wrong every dat.
  2. The gurus and pumpers are like comedians who have run out of jokes. Have you noticed?
  3. The gurus and pumpers are like comedians who have run out of jokes. Have you noticed?
  4. The great dinar counterfeiting ring. Can't wait for the movie.
  5. There is nothing new under the sun regarding the IQD. If anyone tells you that they have knowledge of an RV ahead of time, they are lying to you. Anyone who has gone through an RV whether positive or negative, will tell you the same thing.
  6. He is merely tossing some water on the fire. The guy lost his credibility and is trying to vet it back to make more money. I am not a player. He is less than truthful in my book. And when does a Pakistani buy an Iraqi bank? Not going to happen.
  7. You might as well visit Mayberry and ask Opie Taylor about quantum mechanics. Say what?
  8. I don't think anyone knows anything.
  9. If I were a goodfella you would be walking with a limp after that stinking bank story.
  10. When you burp I smell poop. Are ya with me?
  11. Iraq is always a powderkeg of violence. Will be for many years. The region is a mess. Wait until the Israelis attack Iran. Things are gonna get much worse. Sad but true.
  12. Sure it will. And the Beatles have just announced an upcoming reunion tour on the same date.
  13. Asking that question is like asking the Pope if he is using EHarmonny to find his perfect match. Say what?
  14. "We are on an hour by hour day to day watch" Hey Bill. Love your going out on a limb on the RV. Back peddling down the freeway I see.
  15. Arabs negotiating. Like watching mice on LSD navigating through a maze .
  16. " all you naysayers keep on bashing" OK. I will. I don't think there is a person alive who wouldn't hurl an egg or two at you given the chance.
  17. Sorry, I am not a buyer on this one. I heard the exact same story last year Nothing happened. Hope you are right, but I highly doubt it.
  18. Putting the cart ahead of the horse? Looks funny and the horse isn't too happy either.
  19. The sound from a horses arse makes more sense than Okie. I don't want him to go. Love his insanity.
  20. sheik

    from the OOM

    Money+religiion. Always a good combo. Makes for great Sunday morning TV. There is something about a televangelist wearing a Rolex and a $5000 suit that tells me that he is extra close to God.
  21. Not looking so good for the 4th is it?
  22. Fleecing the naive at $100 a crack . There is a sucker born every minute. VIP? Yeah right.
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