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    Sports wagering. Anything sports. Being a Dad. The idea the IQD might get my girls out of Vegas.

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  1. This is fu&$ing stupid are in fuc$$ng high school.
  2. I don't begin to fully understand what is going on but those whom have been called out or ran off etc... Are adults I assume and can chose to take the heat of a faceless typing kitchen or not. It is to bad that one would allow another's actions to stop there passion and stop there voice. Take left hand to left boot and right hand to right boot and pull we are at the finish line! Rss, pvs, Riley, adom Like a marriage compromise. Come back as one and better than before.
  3. I quit my job just now so did my wife. You have your address so I know were to go when this does not happen. Thanks could you also add your number my cell will be turned off soon. Thanks Please have my rooms ready!
  4. Buddy I love your motivation but my eyes are droopy.
  5. Call me crazy but these predictions make me feel like it is not going to happen. Feels like I am in the movie groundhog day. I am changing my name to Bill Murry!
  6. LOL! You are crazy. You have to admit this a roller coaster with no drops though. The drops are the best part!
  7. I was wondering when the June speculation would fade the July would start. Seems as if we are in a hampster wheel. I'd don't like it very much I think I will take the wheel out of my hampsters cage it is just cruel.
  8. Scooter did not know you were a part of the TYPE A club welcome buddy. Nice presentation. WOW.
  9. I have made the images less than 500k and smalller still easy to read in photo shoppe but I do not have enough space allowed to post both. If the tech team wants to give me a one time change to the upload size per day i can repost. FYI. Those who are having resolution trouble just in case you did not know in your browser you can hold Control then TAP the - or + key to change your resolution. This should fix your ability to view and make it much easier.
  10. I am now the guru. This rate will never happen! Bull doody!
  11. 1167.50 on the app. The movement has to be normal. For the period I have been in this these numbers are new but has to be normal fluctuation. Not dramatic or static enough.
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