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  1. My husband has been waiting 14 years for this stupid game to come out of development, and FINALLY they are releasing it June 13. Their message board was worse than ours when it came pumpers, bashers and hopefuls! FOURTEEN YEARS OF FORUM HELL PEOPLE! Maybe June is the magical month where all good things that didn't seem possible, become possible! Always bet on Duke! and GO RV!!!
  2. How many of these men are counted twice? Do they have a license in more than one state?
  3. I lived in Japan north of Tokyo the 1st time and south of Hiroshima the 2nd. I have my BA in Japanese studies, so I know this culture. The only way to sum it up is this is a very disciplined culture. They would never act that way out of shame (looting or rioting). While it is good that they are calm, I am not sure I agree with how they got there (mentally). This comment is to the person who said we should take lessons from how they are handling the situation. In this culture, no one steps out of line. For example, one of my students who was also a teacher at a Jr. High was telling me that she bought a BLUE car and that was quite rebellious. (They even all buy the same color of cars WHITE.) The one thing that really disappointed me about their culture is they are very racist. This was the only country I was in where I was denied service because the color of my skin, and I’m a white chick with blonde hair and blue eyes. I think it will be interesting to see how much help they actually accept from other countries. Some of my dearest friends are Japanese. I am sad for them and worry about their families. They are changing as a culture and becoming worldlier and accepting of other cultures as more of their young people study overseas. I am also interested to see how honest they are about what is really going on with the nuclear plant. They consider it rude to tell someone bad news, and they will lie to your face to avoid doing so. I pray for all of them. While my comments may seem negative about their culture, I am just stating a fact. It doesn’t make me love this country or this culture any less because it is near and dear to my heart. I hope we can all grow closer as a global community as we are able to help one another.
  4. I totally agree with this statement but my concern is that the government would raise the taxes on the land. If you can't pay the taxes, they can just take your land
  5. I personally think it will not be available. Well I guess one of us will be right. And just because Al says it is a rumor, doesn't mean it isn't true. Maybe he just hasn't gotten the memo This is not "Debunked" until 3/1.
  6. Bank of Oklahoma will no longer be selling Dinar as of March 1, 2011. I confirmed this on Friday at the bank myself.
  7. Bank of Oklahoma will no longer be selling Dinar as of March 1, 2011. So get it while you can!
  8. My husband and I were talking and joking around about what we would do with the Dinar if it ever did become "worthless". We decided that we would make it our own "local currancy" in our household. Pay our kids allowances in it and such. They will have to come to me to exchange it for dollars when they want to spend it in the other "economy". My kids are still young, so we could get away with it for awhile. I can just see it now though, my 13 year old complaining because the exchange rate has dropped from the last time she cashed out! LOL! Or pestering me everyday about what the rate is....Ohh.. karma..... Maybe this isn't such a good idea LOL
  9. He answered your question in the very begining. He said "I had a sponsor and i was talking about the Iraq dinar"...blah blah.. and goes into his opinion. They always say, follow the money. Who is to say what happened between him and the sponsor? Maybe he is getting back at his former sponsor by bashing the dinar? Hey this is just pure speculation, but isn't that what this is all about?
  10. I do apologize, your topic popped up on the most updated and I looked at it. Never come into this area of the forum and didn't realize it was OK to promote companies and products. After looking around, I see that it is. Once again, my apologies. I hope people do find out more about these products, it is a great way to hold on to your wealth and pay for taxes.
  11. Re-read, it wasn't me that asked for more detail I will agree with you on this If I am selling it, then why am I telling them to go to someone else to buy it and not even from my company? For your FYI, I stated I WORK FOR this agency, you ASSUMED I sell it. Yes I know the products, and yes people need to know about these products. I just think your method of promoting only one company and only one type of product was misguided giving me and possibly others, the idea that you were trying to sell a product. I am curious as to how YOU know this much detail about this product if you do not sell it and are not in the industry? This is usually a discussion that takes place between a client and a Financial Advisor.
  12. If you do not sell it and are not recommending it, then what is the purpose?? Your detailed post would suggest otherwise.
  13. This is not appropriate. I work for one of the largest and OLDEST insurance companies in the USA. Do not buy insurance directly from an agent; go through your financial advisor. Most people don't know you can buy through them, but your financial advisor can better judge what type of insurance you need based on your networth. There are products out on the market like the OP is stating but his company is not the only one that can do this. Insurance can be a good tool for off setting tax liablity, and other issues. It can be used for retirement, but there are MANY products out on the market. Insurance isn't just for home/car/life. Like I said, if you have a good relationship with your financial advisor, talk with him/her. If you do not have such a relationship, you are hopefully going to need it soon!
  14. Thank you! Now do you see why you DO NOT ask a BANKER about this investment? They put this out because people keep calling and pestering them! They do not have any answers so the best way to cover your a$$ when you don't is to discredit it.
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