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    outside activities, cycling, camping, fishing,snowmobiling, boating and just being outside having a few brews with friends and family

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  1. at 1200.00 per oz. it comes out to 1.2 billion dollars in gold
  2. A 67 goat did nOt have a 396. That was chevy. A 389 would be a correct motor
  3. this is coming from the biggest idiot on this board. You never post original, you just repeat the postings and phrases you like. Your a real moron and are right in there with okie. bondlady does a good job and posts original and informative articles. Why dont you start taking lessons.
  4. yes you are correct it is Mathew 20:1-16 This is the headline that was in todays outline. TODAY'S SERMON MESSAGE BY PASTOR HOMAN BASED ON MATHEW 20:1-16 "RECIEVING WHAT DOES NOT BELONG TO US" your word for dinar might be correct, but in todays sermon he used the word dinarian for the decription of money. thanks for your insite as well. The part that also struck home was what is in quotations. this is exactly how it was printed today.
  5. No lie, not a rumor and not news stating an rv. I was sitting in church today like most sunday's and the pastor started talking about a man giving dinarian to people he wanted to. Others believed these people didnt diserve the dinarian and got down on this person. ( this is what they called their money hundreds of years ago, its in the bible). The man stated it was his fortune and he could give as much dinarian and to who ever he wanted to give this dinarian to. Now anyone who goes to church knows that the bible revolves around the middle east, IRAQ in particular and I just found this very interesting at this juncture in our investment. Ive been sitting in church for 40 years and dont ever recall hearing the word dinarian. So for those of us who believe and maybe for those that dont, is this just coiencidence or not. No date or rate from me, cause if i knew id wait for that last minute and spend every last dime on dinar that i could. :-) :D
  6. yes im sitting on the couch waiting for my check to buy mmmmmmooooooorrrrrrreeeee dinarrrrrrrrrr
  7. they have proven time and time again that they are all retards and lie. my kids dont even bull **** lie like they do. they should all be ashamed of themselves.
  8. I've started listening to him and he seems like a straight forward no bull sheit guy. he obviously spends alot of time with his show and research. so what if he gets a kick back from a dealer. what if it's in dinar? someday maybe he'll be super rich
  9. 1 usd =77.1 japenese yen read the post its yen
  10. i bet they stink under ther berka. beauty is only berka deep.
  11. no doubt you need a chevy corvette zr1. the only way to fly
  12. easy cant stop posting other peoples bs cause he's not smart enough to come up with his own bs. reading his posts and comments. he's like a dolphin flipping out of the water.
  13. Anything from easy re-post, i take with a case of salt.
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