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  1. Well after 9 years in the infantry I can tell you that I served with several other countries and you are correct that you deserve and have earned my respect. Thanks duty.rec, and thank you to all my brothers and sisters in arms.
  2. I voted no because, I cant win the lotto, I always loose in Vegas, and I cant seem to hit my ass with both hands. So by voting no it will most likley happen! :Dsrc="">
  3. My question would be is that amount of gold and 22 billion in cash in addition to the money the CBI is saying they will use to bring the value up or is that already figured in to the CBIs total. I think they said they had around 60 billion so does that make it around 83 billion now? If so it will definately help bring up the value. Here is one other thought if Iraq has that much in one other country, what other amounts are they going to bring into play. (in the coming days)
  4. Well I dont know what Strykers post was about or why he was put on MOD REVIEW since it was pulled and I cant see what happened. But if the name is an indicator of his character then Im on his side since I was a STRYKER once myself. I dont post much or stir the pot but I would ask Adam to take another look and see if this is really necessary?????
  5. I am looking for the closest bank near Austin or San Antonio Texas to buy a small amount of dinar. If anyone knows of a bank please post the bank name and I will get in touch with them. Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. Within the last week someone posted 4 or 5 videos of what they said Iraq looks like, alot of new buildings etc. If you posted this or know where it is would you please give it a bump so I can see them again. Ive looked but cant find them. Thanks in advance to whoever bumps them I appriciate it.
  7. I dont post much these days butt thats funny right there! I dont care who you are, thats funny! Thanks for the laugh Thug.
  8. Can anyone advise of a bank in Pheonix or Scottsdale where they have bought dinar. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Dont take this the wrong way but you wouldnt because you dont live in a war torn country who has little money to get back on their feet. Your high stakes game with the dinar you have purchased is nothing compared to what the people of Iraq have put up with. Their Govt. wants to be back in place as one of the strongest in that part of the world. You have to understand the kind of pride those people have. Im not bashing just making a point.
  10. So I try to see a little humor in everything even when others are P.Oed. I hear everyone continue to say that we are a DV family so here is my analisys. I can only go off the folks Ive watched since I joined so if I leave someone out forgive me. Remember you can always pick your friends but you cant pick your family. Boy some familys sure have some real characters! So lets give Adam credit as the father of this family since he started this whole thing and is a quiet individual who only scolds or teaches when necassary. PVS is like the mother who keeps all of us in line and attempts to keep things tempered. Scooter and BangG are like the older brothers who left home while Im young and wish they wouldnt go because I have alot to learn still. Keepm you might qualify as the distant cousin who drives most of us crazy with your talk, even though we continue to listen because what you are saying is a logical possibility. Knight you actually remind me of my cigar smoking uncle. Most of the women on here are way to pleasent to be one of my sisters so you all must be the sweet aunts we all have. As for me, one reason Im in Alaska is because its as far as I could go to hibernate from my family, so Ill just hang out like a little brother and watch the madness and only pipe in on occasion. Feel free to add who you see here in your family.
  11. Well I see several folks up in arms over one persons decision to back away from the dinar world. Then I see someone jump all over Keepem's hind quarter because of his posts. Then a few are jumping ship and taking cheap shots on their way out the door, and I cant quite follow the reasoning for it. You should first ask yourself are you here for everyone else or for yourself and your investment. Buisness is buisness and friends are seldom kept in that enviornment. Second you should be open and honest enough to take on all comers with their information even if you dont agree with it because you might just learn something. Third be glad that there is a site like this with intelligent individuals willing to share their insight and their time, effort, and investment knowledge like Adam has done. Where would you be otherwise? Because a great many of you have never had your own buisness and dont understand what it takes to make one work. Step back and take a look at what you have gained from this sight and the FREE info given out here.(Believe me the nominal fees you pay for Adams books and the VIP area will teach you more REAL information, non guru garbage than you can pick from any other site I have found.) I for one will be sorry that Scooter made the choice to leave as he is obviously a very well informed individual and has shared some great intel with us, but he is full grown and can make his own decisions. Keepem stay with it buddy I don't agree with most of your posts but I always learn something from your posts, or at least see a differnt angle I should look at so I can make my own decision. As for the rest of the children, sit down, be quiet unless you have something useful to contribute because class is still in session and you are distracting me!
  12. I guess I qualify as both a Republican and a Southerner even though I come from the mountains of Colorado. You left out the opotion for us. My wife, son and daughter would have slapped leather at the same time I did, and when it was down and dead we would have teased about why it took so long for their guns to clear their holster!
  13. OK, I think this is pretty funny. Maybe because I have an odd sense of humor and I'm bored I'm going to translate this mess. This one will be harder to read but listen to what Im saying and you will understand. Fellow Dinarians I have been following the message boards and I want to let you know that if the Dinar RVs in the next few days you better have your act together or you will get taken to the cleaners. Stay away from the booze(or herb) until your money is in the bank and you are safe at home. Be smart and consult whatever professionals you need to (Lawyers, Tax consultant, Investment Advisor etc...) and dont let the IRS and bankers get to big a cut of your money. Watch the Iraqi Government because they are full of BS, The biggest BSrs Ive seen in a long time. Be smart with your investment and consider a buisness trust because it looks good to me but you will have to make your own decision. Well people be ready and pay attentention to the message boards because there are a lot of smart people on here. Everyone else is getting ready for the RV and you should do the same, friend. Get moving, your burnin daylight.
  14. This must be where all the gurus get together to come up with their crap and all the gas from their BS blew up on them.
  15. Nope, you are on the right track. There is a clause that says if you become wealthy that you can request a discharge. It does not have to be granted and is not an automatic thing. I do not recall but I believe there is an amount to that as well but dont recall what it is. Most of the guys I served with wouldnt just up and go anyway. There is a bond there that most dont understand. I dont believe they would all take off because you dont leave your buddy behind. It may sound a bit crazy to some but thats the way it is in combat arms MOS's.
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