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  1. Me ish retired Vet of 23 yrs. But not counting on VA for much. i still work and i have my own business.
  2. I really do want to see O get impeached....but here's another prob...if that get done...then B becomes in charge...and i don't know if that would be a better trade off...B is just as bad...the guy can decide wither just to admit he's stupid and made a miss informed statement regarding his claims or deny that he's stupid and the make excuses about it. in which he done time and time again on public TV....
  3. Okay...i've worked for McD's about 30 year ago. one of me first jobs. back then it was $5.25/hr. even back they i had more sense to not accept that as a long term solution to my financial needs. but i promised them if they hired me i'd stay at least 6 months. at my interview my manager told me..."Why do you want to work here? you are WAY TOO over Qualified for this job." i told her "Yes, i know i'm over qualified for this Job, but times are hard right now and no one is hiring. But if you hire me today i'll stay for at least 6 months." and that i did. Six months later another opportun
  4. both export by the the two countries differ in value. chief export of Iraq...Oil approx value of $79,680,500,000 chief export of Zambia...Copper approx value of 792,200,000 the difference in the exporting revenue, may effect the value of the countries currency.
  5. different revenue stream, TOTALLY Different primary Global Export Trade product, And totally Different Country... Apples and Oranges....
  6. shouldn't be surprised....if they really had a a right they don't need the US for weapons. AK-47.... the "Preferred weapon of our enemies"
  7. currency trading...unlike stock market trade 24/6...only on sunday they suspend trading. stock market tradings is 5 days a week...and only from opening bell to closing bell. so you'll see something move everyday b/c some is always trading their currency somewhere in the world.
  8. hmm...i thought they were just all "Abused Children"... right, Goose?
  9. I was working the grave yard shift this past weekend, and it wasn’t until the last night that this dawned on me. I was really freaking board! But before that, the first two nights, I passed the time by playing games on my phone (Candy Crush/Pet Rescue/Fruit Ninjas), and watching clips on YouTube. It did fill up the void of “Boredom” until I had to do my hourly patrol, but there is only so much u can play or watch before you get board of doing that, too! However, it occurred to me that last night, when you are really that board & no one to talk to or even awake for that matter, your
  10. I'll be damned if they order me out of retirement for this...23yrs not enough for you Uncle Sam???
  11. Care not of O thing for certain...i hope he don't put his Library here...! it just a shame that we would have to deal with the rep of producing the WORST President EVER... besides, i still am not convinced he was ever born here in the first place...
  12. hate to break it to you but... TerryK lost his "Damn Mind" YEARS ago.....
  13. NP... of course you'll be concerned... we humans. of course me will be well...been through far worst and scarier things....
  14. when i was there i ate the fishes, squid, Oysters, and Wakame that were harvested that hour from the fishing village not far from Fukushima....didn't get sick...for caught, i do not understand what all the hubbub is about. when i spoke to the people of some of these places id asked them about the radiation levels. many times, i've heard the same response. "The radiation levels are no more different than that of before the accident." i didn't really know what that ment, but didn't sound so bad. over goes on as normal or try to.
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