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  1. Auditioning for mod status? There are many openings now.
  2. Wrong. Funny how you attack them. Who is the LOYAL TEAM? Asking for forgiveness? I don't think so.
  3. They must have some sinister motive right? It can't be for the reasons stated. They must want to make money from starting their own site. What a tool. I would expect nothing less from you.
  4. Adam should have emailed Scoot about his appearing on a show with scammers. Same with chucky. By calling him out in public, they insinuate that he is also a scammer or naive. Scoot has provided alot of info(spreadsheets, dates of interest). Scoot has never claimed to have guys in Dubai(or anywhere else) that are in the know. I may be way off base but I think these resignations have alot to do with Scoot leaving.
  5. You are correct sir! The dealers will keep dealing no matter what.
  6. I wonder how long a member would last here if they alleged or insinuated(with absolutely no proof) that Adam was a scammer?
  7. Unfortunately, this drama has cost this site the insight of a very smart, respectful poster. I pray he comes back. There is no one like him.
  8. If chuckles actually brought some marbles to the game, as Scooter has done over and over and over again, he might have a leg to stand on. What has chuckles brought to this site? Nothing but an undieing motive of making Scoot look like a scammer.
  9. Nice read but needs a link to be in the news section.
  10. The fact that chucky basically called Scoot a scammer(with absolutely no proof) should be reason enough to ban him. If one were to say the same about Adam, they would be gone in a flash.
  11. Thanks for the post Z! The mo' Scooter da mo' betta!
  12. Thanks Scooby Doo and Scooter! My birthday is the 16th and my daughters is the 23rd. It's okay with us if Shabbs gives us our bday presents a few days late.
  13. It is my understanding that a lop occurs after a country goes through hyper-inflation. Iraq has been through this, but is headed back into it(inflation is rising at a very rapid rate). I would like to hear keepm's thoughts on this. Iraq is heading for double digit inflation again.
  14. Wow!!!! A new guru is born every day! There is a special place in he** for these jack rods!
  15. So in to Syria we go yes? Maybe Iran? We need to save these poor people who hate us even after we save them? Get off your high horse. Please tell me you don't want to invade Syria and Iran. Please don't pray for God to punish someone here who posts something you disagree with.
  16. This is from an unnamed source. Probably bs.
  17. Possum is awesome! Many here need to understand that his posts are all in fun. He is a mock guru. All you possum haters need to get a clue. He is having fun. You should try it sometime. Don't take this dinar investment too seriously.
  18. Dems and many in the GOP have agreed upon many things. Most of them have to do with spending money we don't have. That's bipartisan. When you look at voting records, they are very similar. Spend taxpayer's money for votes.
  19. Many people here bought dinars 6 or 7 years ago and have already made a profit.
  20. Bush was for the bailout of the banks. Silly libtard. You don't pay much attention to reality do you? The bank bailout happened when Bush was president! Buy a clue please. That being said, the bank bailout was a fraud! Just like Bush and Obama!!!
  21. If it comes out at .10, I will be rich! I won't have to work anymore! When I joined this site in '09, Adam was saying he thought it just might come in that low. I bought dinar with this in mind. If it comes in higher, well then that's just gravy.
  22. This is exactly why companies should be wary of doing business in Iraq. They sign contracts, then don't keep their side of the bargain and want to renegotiate. Flippin pathetic.
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