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  1. seeing Kurdistan referendum on separating from Iraq is imminent. What does this change for currency, SDR, HCL and relationship with Baghdad? Saw about 20 mins ago. Curios as to what the synopsis is here. Been years since I have posted. Ty AM
  2. here is another angle from her and currency reserve info. Thanks
  3. Political Monday 9 November 2015 | 18:24 | Number of Views: 49 Parliamentary financial stresses for "Eye Iraq" seeking to pass the budget during the current month BAGHDAD / .. parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Monday, seeking to pass the draft budget for the 2016 law during the current month. The committee member said Sarhan Ahmad's "Eye Iraq News," "The House of Representatives will read tomorrow the budget a first reading and recording observations of Representatives on the bill draft law to be discussed in the Finance Committee," noting that "the Finance Comm
  4. here is the link that I was able to find. Refernce pg. 123 or just google ATP 3-39.33
  5. I was reading through the Dept. of the Army publication that was brought to my attention dated for Aril 2014. After having read through the information, and watching the tactics being deployed on television with the media storm in Missouri, I noticed something unsettling. On pg. 123 in the glossary, the abbreviation of MO = Missouri if referenced. The only state mentioned. DC=mentioned by not a defined "State". I found it to be very ironic and non coincidental that all of these recent events happened in Ferguson Missouri. How is that a civil defense document targets the SHOW ME STATE of Missou
  6. yep, thanks yota, Parliament sticks out as key word to me, Feds will not rule with maliki, now religious Shistani and Kahmeni will exert their religious will to oust maliki IMO. Thanks Yota
  7. 2014/8/11 04:55:19 PM BAGHDAD / Wi-News Unveiling the dramatic secret negotiations between the political blocs to oust al-Maliki, and the intervention of the supreme religious authority Ali al-Sistani to bend the will of others. It eliminated and a new character named to head the Iraqi government, in a way the plot secret, which led to the almost total collapse of the coalition of state law, at the time rushed Fuad Masum Abadi assigned to form a government, amid distraught all observers. The full story of the negotiations dramatic secrecy began from the new Prime Minister Haider al-Aba
  8. wi-news says against article 76 for Iraqi constitution. Maliki looses, yota, t bomb or BUTi help post link. 2014/8/11 05:29:30 PM BAGHDAD / Wi-News Denied the Federal Court said in a statement Monday that a decision be issued a decision in the dispute between the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, the Prime Minister of the outgoing about including the largest parliamentary bloc would support al-Maliki's efforts to run for a third term. TV was the "Iraqi" government said in a newsflash this morning that "the Federal Court issued a decision affirming that the state law is the largest
  9. Iraq prison break a bad sign of things to come 31 mins ago from MSNBC Al Qaeda linked militants in Iraq staged an assault on Iraq's notorious Abu Ghraib prison freeing hundreds of militants from their cells. NBC's Richard Engel reports. Al Qaeda’s brazen prison break at Baghdad’s notorious Abu Ghraib prison on Sunday was a major victory for the terrorists and a blow to the Shiite-dominated Iraqi government led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. The attack at Abu Ghraib cut loose at least 250 militants, Iraqi officials said. Although al Qaeda claimed 500 militants were freed from their cells
  10. Hame you are just mad because we wont let you in. I would rather have salt of the earth HIGHSPANICS than your libtard butt. You my friend are a ............! Dont mess with TEXAS!
  11. Thanks fer the Laff. That was good. I have personal experience sadly!! Maybe why I have tears on my face !!
  12. thanks for all your hardwork over the years Yota, perhaps you may be finally set free of your news hound duties!!
  13. Lead the way AM, let us know what we can do to help.
  14. aliki giving a Presser right now on tv
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