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  1. Ha! I was thinking the same thing. Another meaningless "agreement".
  2. The UN gave Iraq a pretty clear set of guidelines to get them out of Ch 7. It's not rocket science. It's their own fault they are still under sanctions.
  3. No. Not in the least. Moon would never have made an announcement at the Summit regarding the removal of Ch 7. It will be handled at the UNSC, in thier forum, not this one. We've heard that M made a deal with Kuwait regarding the borders, but obviously there's more to be done. I haven't seen Parliment vote on the demarcation yet. I've said this 100 times, but IMO, until Erbil is fully implemented the UN will not release Iraq from Ch 7. The UN understands the need for the power sharing arrangement.
  4. Ha! This guy's been nominated over and over again. Wasn't he involved in an assassination attempt?
  5. Who knows how long they'll take to approve the printing, actually print it, move it in country, and then distribute it. Is six months that much time?
  6. Do the backwards math from what the dinar was valued at to 4,000 to $1. What's that percentage of devaluation?
  7. I was on the dollar train for a while for all the common arguments (ease of transaction, less confusing, etc). I don't belive that today. I'm thinking around a dime to start, give or take a few cents. I really like Enoch8's take on the numbers, and what they need in circulation. Personally, I'll take anything over a penny and be happy as a lark.
  8. I hope that's how they roll it out. It's the most logical way to get it up to a dollar and mange the circulation. And please save the de-dollarizing argument. When Iraq moves to IMF Article VIII they can only have one currency.
  9. Well, the 30th and 31st are a Friday and Saturday. Regular schedule for closures there. I'm tracking with your point m'lady, and hope you're correct. IMO, the timing isn't right.
  10. I don't think it's excessive. Imagine what would happen if there was a "successful" attack during the Summit? I think that M and the rest of his cronies know that they don't have any real control over the security situation. Especially now that we're gone. If there is anything at all that they can do to keep the heads of the Arab nations from being blown to bits, or otherwise assassinated they will. Closing the borders, banks, media, anything and everything is an option. As much as I'd love to see this thing pop during the lead up to the Summit, I think a RV or any kind of monetary change during this window is the last thing they want. It would be too big a distraction from other security needs. Do you think Shabbs wants any attention placed anywhere else than the banks when this thing RVs? No way. The Summit is the priority now until last wheels are up and out of Iraqi airspace.
  11. I'd love love love to see it move like that. Much more likely that a straight RV, IMO.
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