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  1. So who is going to give me a million USD for my million dinars? In the end somebody always has to pay and you cant just change the value of a currency fifty thousand percent overnight
  2. I hate okie as much as the next guy but this is just some blog written by a nobody. I am starting to get really worried a majority of the people that own dinars are very gullible people.
  3. Not really more supply means lower prices, so USA needs Iraq pumping more oil out
  4. Of course Iraq has a lot of oil but the currency circulation need to be greatly reduced first before there is a RV its not rocket science people.
  5. Maybe because a huge RV won't happen is why people are selling. Sure the dinar might go up in value but the whole dinar smells of have people pumping the sales every day for 7+ years...sales based on if a currency was circulated or not circulated lol Lets face it these dealers are good they know people will make dumb decisions when it comes to instant wealth and have made hundreds of millions of dollars from the sale of dinars...if the dinar was going to really rv at a high rate why would they sell dinars ? why not keep for themselves and make trillions of the RV. I am going to hold onto mine for now because if I sell now I lose 20% of the money I put into it.
  6. Still have them, might keep them for awhile….unless I get a offer that gets closer to what I paid for them. 500k for $500, 5k notes don’t bother emailing me unless you are willing to pay that amount. Going to sell in 500k blocks to make it easier for people.
  7. How is this a scam 1k is reasonalble you paid 1050 at a bank For you I will sell them for 2k
  8. I am not a bank, if you want that rate go there My rate is much cheaper than dinar dealers they want $1100 to $1400 per million
  9. If thats dinars that really shows you how much money there is in dinar sales as a dealer....if the dinar was going to RV they would just not sell and keep all that dinar after the RV and buy the whole world lol
  10. Will only deal within the tampa bay area, $1,000 obo Email: Mark
  11. Nothing in life is guaranteed especially when it comes to Iraq, I am going to live my life like it wont happen and if it does..sweet
  12. If it doens't happen no big deal, we all are living without a RV.....chances are there will be no big RV. A good saying that is always true if something sounds to good to be true it usually is....and i feel that way with the dinar and a large RV happening. Feel sorry for the people that are really depending on a RV to get out of debit and turn there lives around.
  13. Just another date made up by pumpers nothing special there will be no rv on that date. take that to the bank
  14. Iraq and the middle east moves at a different pace then most of us from the US are use to, they could go 20 years before a RV....alot of the country hasn't changed that much since the 1800s or later. I dont expect a RV to happen anytime soon, the dinar will increase maybe slowly but I highly doubt we make alot of money from this.
  15. There will be no RV at the extreme rates being tossed around on these dinar sites.... Sure the dinar will go up with time, like 10+ years but you will not become rich overnight on these dinars I come back on this site after like 3 weeks and its the same BS crap with rumors and dates, I can come back a year from now and it will be the same. My advice put your dinars in a safe place and just enjoy and live your don't need to pay anybody every month for a text when it will RV because you will know right away if it were to RV.
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