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  2. Probably complacency. 1166 =< 16 Thanks for your post. GLTY and All. Go RV.
  3. Let me tell you something, Iraq! If you choose to take this path, regardless of the "Will of the people," this will be a grave movement on your part. You will be considered "The pedophile" country in the world! This is truly a step in the wrong direction. You should protect your children, which are the future of your country. Not everything in the world is (Cliche') "Man made!" Your ladies are part of your procreation and the existence guarantee. Treating them and using them, before their mind, body and spirit develop is just plain wrong... I hope that you should start a pedophile database soon. You are destined to be the greatest country in the Middle East so don't mess it up by passing this law. I am done with this disgusting topic.
  4. And it begins! Nothing but forward from here! Thanks for you post. GLTY and All. Go RV!
  5. Epa chica! How the heck are ya? I agree with you. With that said, IMMHO, they can't change monetary policy to benefit a some and hindrance others. It has to be equally across the board. A dinar will be worth, in the CBI's eyes, the same on the home field and abroad. With this new release of printing new notes that have new dates, in both types of calendar years, means to me that these notes are here to stay and for them to also say that our notes are also valid, then going back on their word, as a manipulative tool, would discredit them tremendously and the free world would find it very difficult to trust them again, for a very long time, if ever. Everything would have to be on a cash basis and no credit chola. LOL. Nice to hear from you hermana. GLTY and all. Go RV.
  6. IMO, they are trying to please the Kurds with their requirements of having something Kurdish on the bills, maybe not 100% but underway. I'm telling you, this news is the best thing since the inception of the new currency. JMMHO. Thanks for your post. GLTY and all. Go RV.
  7. To add to this, if this is remotely true, then this is "The Guarantee" that we have all been waiting for. I may be thinking to much into the future but visions are just that. No more worries on having to exchange on a certain date for a new currency when the one we hold will always be good. Most will exchange when it revalues but quote me on this, some will hold large notes for a very long time, if this is true and my vision is right. This is just my most humble opinion (MMHO) folks. Thanks again and GLTA. Go RV and bring on the new notes!!!
  8. Thanks B. IMMHO, this is great news. Not only are our notes still good, they will always be good and tradeable. We have practiced this with our currency in the US and all of our notes (Signed by the Treasury Department or Federal Reserve) still hold their face value, regardless of their demands by collectors. In other words, an 1899 Silver dollar note, still has the value of a dollar and can be used if one desires. (I don't know anyone who would so this is just in principal.) So, Iraq has released new notes with both dates and better security features and both the existing and new notes are legal tenders. Bring on the new notes then! I like the way this is moving. Good luck to all and Go RV.
  9. CBI, CBJ and CBK. This is for sure. GLTY and all. Go RV.
  10. "So IMO they cannot build the credit they need under the protection of article XIV and protection order 13303, to get the international investment they need to move forward with their infrastructure." Very well said B. I agree totally. Thanks for your post. GLTY and All. Go RV.
  11. The only thing measured in gold is Registered gold. WWII gave us bilateral decisions with gold, either registered, which was minimal and then unregistered which is alot folks. Asia has alot of unregistered gold, from the Philippines, Sumatra, Japan, Thailand, ect. This gold does not exist in the books since WWII made it possible to be so. GLTA and Go RV
  12. When a large amount of gold is exchanged, there is usually a discount on the purchase price if it is "Registered" gold. Usually a 5% discount against the London Exchange for the set transaction date. When large amounts of gold is exchanged that it is "Not Registered," the discount could be as high as 40%. There is so much unregistered gold in the world that this happens very frequently. Just my two cents. Thanks for your post. GLTY and All. Go RV.
  13. Hello Pablo. Most countries which do not have a system of laws like the US have just one loophole, personal investments in Swiss bank accounts. Take a look at Venezuela 12 years ago when 4 billion dollars wound up missing in the 1st 6 months of Chavez tenure. Until today, no one is talking about this, however, this money is somewhere! Just imagine on his 14 years reign what could have happened as he perfected his actions? Now, Iraq is definitely wealthy in minerals, just like Venezuela is. So, 11 years since the liberation, what can one think about the real value of it? In my mind, money is never lost, just repositioned! Only the amount of people in the world can change the real value of it. Something to ponder about. Thanks Pablo for your post. GLTY and All. Go RV.
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