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  1. Thanks Adam for being honest you still believe in this investment. I hardly come on the site anymore because there is no use in worrying about the future of this investment. Sometimes I wonder whether this investment is worth it despite the facts you present, but since you are putting your money where your mouth is, it makes us feel better Adam. Thanks.
  2. I did not get an email and I am in VIP is this possible they are still sending out the email? Anyways, at least the news is good.
  3. To put this in elementary school language...this is all good news and not bad news right?
  4. With all due respect, Adam has addressed this in many of his chats, including the latest. Thread Closed.
  5. Where are the most reliable sites now to buy dinar from? I see Dinar Trade is now called a different company. Anyone have any idea who is the best 3 or 4 dealers?
  6. lol Chuck "you hate to say it", we I love that your saying it LOL!
  7. If it does come out at .008 cents and increases with a float, I wonder if we would still have a long enough window to hold off until some of the dinar increased in value so we could cash in at increasing rateS?
  8. Why are you blaming others for your happiness? Every problem you have in life is the result of you, not someone else. Don't get so angry.
  9. Adam, Ranch or Blue cheese? Adam, what's your favorite chain restaurant?
  10. Adam this is a dumb question but can you just give us a basic answer. I have heard people say they can RV at anytime, and they don't have to RV at all. To give us a simple explanation. 1) What benefit would it be for Iraq (not just us dinar holders) to RV their currency? Is it basically that other countries would not legitimately do business with Iraq and take them seriously if they did not RV or am I off?
  11. This is great news. Adam, you always said that when you thought things were really looking up, you would close the doors to VIP (correct me if I am wrong?) If Adam is closing VIP, then it's time to get happy.
  12. Is it safe to say that there has been more activity in this past year (POSITIVE, GOOD ACTIVITY, that is) in the Iraqi Dinar than there has been in the past 7 years of this investment, or am I being way too optimistic? I am not as educated and following as hard as some people, but it just seems like there has been so much happening. Wanted to know yall's opinions?
  13. Adam, I know you have mentioned this before but I could not remember what you said. Let's say the rate comes out at like 10 cents or a dollar. While I know you are not a financial advisor, would it be foolish to cash in all your dinars in at once, or could you maybe do a majority at first and then hold back maybe 25% to see what the rate becomes...the reason I ask is because I've also heard rumors that the cash in window will be limited in terms of time.
  14. This is great news, so would this definately be some of the best news we've heard in years or only since Chapter 7? Would love to hear Adam's or anyone's thoughts thanks.
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