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  1. Thanks Adam. I think what you are saying is only the tip of the Iceberg. I think ISIS is CIA / Mossad created. Another false flag. Don't trust anyone with a government or corporate role aimed at control. There are sinister forces at work.
  2. My friend works with the people who are all about "resetting the financial system". He is involved at that level and says it is all connected. The timing will be hard to predict, as there are so many factors involved but his "crystal ball" says Jan / Feb 2013.
  3. Didn't mention a rate, but expected 1:1 due to "Ease of use"
  4. I am invested for two years now. Don't spend much time here anymore. What is the use, really. I mean: who knows.... I decided to come and share this. I have been in contact with a financial consultant for years. He is a high level bloke. I never talk dinar with him. He doesn't know I own them but one of his best mates does (he knows, I know). He is working on global financial projects. With big banks and big players. Yesterday, in a conversation, he suddenly said: oh, by the way...I heard the dinars will be revalued soon.... So-and-so will be stoked... I was shocked. Why do you say this? Who told you. And he said the people he deals with in his projects told him. A currency reboot. Then he said: I know about the dinar for 3 or 4 years now and I was never interested. Partly because my guys never talked about it. But now they do. So I guess it is real after all (he gives these people a lot of credit for being top top notch and very well informed people).... I felt good.
  5. A pretty dumb comment as this was posted in the.......RUMOR SECTION!!!
  6. How is this NEWS????? Get our butt into another forum, you rascal! And open your brain and eyes. The reason why you are lost is because of this! You don't pay attention and you don't put things where they belong. What do you expect of life is this is how you treat it!
  7. BEAR5642: I HAVE SURGERY SCHEDULED FRIDAY ON MY MOUTH SO I WILL BE OUT FOR A LITTLE WHILE I would like to see some cool jokes on this comment
  8. But then the UN released a press release saying they WON'T be released from Chapter 7 and Maliki quickly checks his bag and instead of the document - as claimed by Frank 26 ( his iq) - it's actually a MacDonald's happymeal!!!
  9. A friend of mine is a high brow risk assessment consultant at Wall Street. He works for the majors. For many many years. I asked him recently about the dinar as an investment play and he had never ever heard of it!
  10. The Europeans don't need a loan if they bought / stolen some dinars while ramsacking the place...
  11. I'm not sure what is happening with me, but I now believe Okie. I am a believer. Go OKIE!
  12. I'm disappointed that this World Bank sheet doesn't say: Objective: Raise Iraq's reputation in the world economy Strategy: RV dinar to 3.62$ When: By Dec 12, 2011
  13. Something wrong in this gurus text. The dinar does NOT need to revalue to be a tradeable currency. Two different things.
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