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  1. Did Adam have his weekly chat?,I cant find it if he did.
  2. If there is life on another planet im moving.Tired of all these crooked,criminal politicians.
  3. It's going to RV September 11.Plus nit will save Obama from not being re elected.
  4. What's anyones take on this.Would like to hear Adams input. Setting the Record Straight on the Dinar and the Top Currency of 2011
  5. When Kawit Dinar Revaluated,was there a site like this and investers talking like we do,with false prediction dates?.Just want to see if we are in the same path.
  6. I read alot of articles on this site,rarely do i post.But 1 thing that has gotten to me is people saying this is a long term investment.8 years isn't enough?.Is long term 100 years?.
  7. DinarThug, on 21 December 2011 - 05:47 PM, said: Replying to FOLKS IQD LOOKS LIKE A BUST ... Good thing she is leaning on the tree,she may tip foward being top heavy
  8. Hey Adam,hope all is well.I dont every write much on the site,for about 4 years i have been on your site.Thanks for all you do for us,My question is for the past years i know its been said millions of times,we are close to an rv,all we need is this to happen.What makes you so sure we are close and your round about date?.
  9. Hi Adam,First off would like to thank you for all you do.I log in every morning to see any updates.Is there any truth to this In house Rv today?I know i get caught up in the hype of today tomorrow it will happen,but one day someone has to be right,is this the day?
  10. http://www.iraq-busi...ory/investment/ 4th article down Can someone explain.Im new here would like some body with more expierence to explain.Even if Adam can.
  11. Thanx Dinar Buddy.But i provided the site and instructions to get to this article Once again Site name is is a tab that says Investment click on it.4th article down is this article i posted
  12. New Dinars for Old Posted on 05 July 2011. Tags: iraqi dinar, ISX, Redenomination -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the end of last month, a spokesman for the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) told reporters that a plan to redenominate the Iraqi dinar will be presented to the Council of Ministers in the near future. (See here and here.) The Council is then expected to submit the relevant legislation to Parliament for a vote. If the lawmakers approve the project, all existing banknotes will be replaced with new currency at the rate of 1,000 old dina
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