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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

They Are Expecting Rate Changes Soon.  


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5 hours ago, Shedagal said:

Following the daily dinar news can be like an addiction.  Some of the wisest advice I ever got during a dark time was to 'shift my focus'.  When there is breakthrough, you will hear about it.  In the meantime, maybe take a break and concentrate on ways you can improve your situation.  I know from experience it is easy to shut down and believe there is no hope.  Fight that with everything you've got.


We all have faced disappointment in the delay and having made decisions that we regret.  Most of us are baby boomers, and certainly didn't expect the health or financial issues before an RV.  But here we are.  The saying 'attitude determines altitude' applies.  We can be like those who come on here and say 'soon' sarcastically and 'see you next year'; or we can stay steady and balance this with other daily events in our life so as not to get distraught. 



I come anymore for the great people on this site. Enjoy the reads, the snark, the jokes, the humor. Am addicted to see what's the latest and from whom - some of my best laughs have come from this group. Thank you

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10 hours ago, pokerplayer said:


   Heck, I'm on a roll, and a not very good one at that. Down almost $50K in my bet on AMC. I will survive, there is still an inkling of hope for it as well as the dinar. Don't do much anymore, but dreaming is free and actually pumps me up at times.


  Still planning ( in my mind ) a road trip with @cutter73 and @nannab. Good good ole USA will never be the same when were done !


Just thinking about this makes me smile just Imaging what 3 tough old birds could get into.


Hang in, I know it's rough, but if I and lots of others can tough it out, I am sure you can to.





I am hoping not to be in a wheel chair after this next back surgery or it could be interesting...LOL  @BETTYBOOPtoo!!!

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44 minutes ago, cutter73 said:



I am hoping not to be in a wheel chair after this next back surgery or it could be interesting...LOL  @BETTYBOOPtoo!!!


Ok, @BETTYBOOP ur in ! Full car now. 🚗,  USA, look out!!

   Better break out the Marines as ur gonna need them by the time we're done !! 


ps, send the good looking Marines,  we're picky 🤪😜


😅🤣😂 pp

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