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  1. Looks like an advertisement for a Middle Eastern Reality TV show. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Stupid. You figure out who’s who.
  2. Cheez. Not sure I like like your tone. LOL. They do have a big influence but if they were completely in charge it would be much worse. Everything there has to be carefully done because it is a Powered Keg which can go either way.
  3. Iran is not in charge. They are desperate because Iraq is on the precipice of becoming a power house in the Middle East and people are getting pissed off in Iran because their rights are being violated and don’t have what Iraq has.
  4. From what I read, he had a bowel obstruction. So it’s true, he was full of it...
  5. I was thinking Little Debbies, Yodels, Twinkies and Tastycakes.
  6. Thanks to Maliki for letting them in and ordering the Iraqi forces to drop their rifles and run. POS
  7. If Maliki withdrawals along with Sadr, it’s game over and RV time with Kazemi in there to pull that switch. Lets go Potato Head, you can do it.
  8. That was a good one. I heard a picture of Hilary Clinton is in the packet insert to look at if it lasts that long. But seriously, it looks more like an Arab Spring is happening there which they need. If the young people in Iran realize this, there are next.
  9. The CBI will never accurately say what they are going to do.
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