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  1. Climate change.......LMAO.......Yeah, climates change 4 times a year......Spring, summer, fall and winter. Climate change, global warming is the biggest scam out there and it's been proven.
  2. If you saw the bloody guy on the news (I think it was FOX 59), that was my brother in law and I was next to him when they were reporting and filming. He was in his truck on the way to my parents to get in the basement and he ended up right in the middle of the tornado in from of the school. He is very lucky to be alive and you should see his truck and the buses that were flipped over next to him. The whole town is destroyed btw.
  3. Unfortunately by giving our land away from what I have heard. There is supposedly some new big China plants going up in the US, but I can't remember where or what I saw it on; maybe tht Jesse Ventura show or something a while back.
  4. Holy crap...What 3rd world country did you come from? Obama is a worse president than Wilson and FDR combined. Some people just don't get it or have common sense. Lmao
  5. Yeah, I know the diference, but thanks for the clarification. I just read it wrong for some reason. Must be the lack of sleep and going on 30 hours now. Lol
  6. Could this have anything to do with the RV? I mean, how else could they really wipe out that much debt do quickly. I can't really see it happening with those measly cuts that passed.
  7. I'm going to make one prediction and one only on this. It may happen and it may not, but my prediction is an RV on 9/11/2011; the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Let's just hope I'm correct.
  8. With all his lies, I'd be more inclined to believe he is connected with the Obama's.
  9. Maybe they plan to bring the 100k note into circulation and then a few weeks later, they RD and remove the 3 zero's from the currency making the 100k a 100, much like the 25k a 25, 10k a 10, etc......I sure hope that I'm not correct on this.
  10. LMAO....I guess noone told the reporter that you could purchase the Iraqi dinar at local banks. What a moron...
  11. No kidding, they have to get some kind of compensation for their work so they can live, just like everyone else does with their jobs. Lol Preaching the gospel to others is the preacher's and minister's, etc. job and they should get compensated for their work just like anyone else. I don't understand the big deal with some people moaning about preacher's and minister's, etc. making money off their work. I'm not defending Frank either because there are some real dirtbags out there that will take advantage of people with religion, but that stands with anything out there.
  12. Unbelieveable......... The bill is HR-4646 introduced by US Rep Peter DeFazio D-Oregon and US Senator Tom Harkin D-Iowa. Their plan is to sneak it in after the…. moved beyond proposing studies and submitted the Debt Free America Act (H.R. 4646), a bill calling for the implementation of a scheme to pay down the.....[2010] by Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.). His "Debt Free America Act" (H.R. 4646) would impose a 1 percent "transaction tax" on every financial transaction...
  13. Why not just take it to the bank and exchange it back? You should be able to get at least $800 per million there.
  14. The man that broke the bank of England........George Soro's.........The devil himself.
  15. So, are they going to give each Iraqi 1000 25 notes for their one 25k note they turn in? How on earth would they be able to keep the money supply in the mid billions if they did that? That makes absolutely no sense to me....
  16. You guys do know that Fort Knox burned to the ground in a huge wild fire last year right? I live only 1 hour from there.......When you drive by the base and look where the "gold holding" fort of Fort Knox is supposed to be......It no longer is....I highly doubt there was ever any gold in Fort Knox and there was no possible way for them to get, "what they claimed was in there", out in the time the fire errupted and engulfed the area. Just an FYI and if you want, I can drive by there and take a picture to show where it once stood and the remains of what is left.
  17. They could have also meant iridium. I believe a bunch of iridium was found around Iran a while back, but could be wrong.
  18. Nothing new, happens all the time.
  19. Nothing new here as far as no update to the rate. This has happened many times and has even went unchanged before for a couple days while currency auctions continued. Sometimes they just miss updating the rate.
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