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  1. Wow, what type of blood sucking scams will they think of next!
  2. Are you saying that it would have been worth 45000 amercan lives if they would have RV'ed by now? And what about all the non American lives lost? Does it make it ok as long as you and I make out ahead? I'm not trying to raz you. It's just a question I have.
  3. I hope more can open theirs eyes and minds in the coming days, things seem to be accelerating. Did you guys hear about the copters doing special ops training in a few major cities? Google it, it's freaky.
  4. Well yeah, when we have consumed all of the resources from everywhere else in the world, we gotta keep a stash for our selves!
  5. Wow, now I am starting to see how you 5,6+ year investors must feel.
  6. I am glad to see a bit of discustion on this topic. Being invested in the Dinar has raised a lot of questions for myself on why we are in the middle east. I enjoy my freedom as much as any of you, but I am sick of people spouting off about how we are fighting for the Iraqi peoples freedom. Like that is a good enough reason to have gone to war in Iraq. And people that think the war in Iraq has to do with our freedom here in the US. People are so afraid to look unpatriotic by not supporting the troops that they won't even question what the troops are doing or what their cause is. I am sad to see the American people so weak that we cannot bring the real terrorists of our nation to any kind of justice. Corruption is to out of control with the leaders of our country that they can just pass laws that hinder us and empower them freely. I just feel that the general population is to busy and to distracted to ever regain controll of our nation.
  7. You either think there is money to be made or you don't. Nothing wrong with staying level headed. But don't expect them to come out and say "We are going to RV on 1/1/13 and you all will make lots of money." Go find anouther investment if you are not 100% sure about this one.
  8. The heat is more fuel for the fire, don't you think?
  9. This is good. We should be watching for more news like this.
  10. I know my water pipe is important to me, I'm glad we have something in common.
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