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  1. What source ( Sauce ) is it this week Okie !!!!! Im fed up with Ketchup hahaha
  2. Hi As you stated it did happen last weekend with so many banks, but it also say this for Barclays Uk We'll be carrying out routine maintenance to Online Banking on Sunday 28 July between 12:01am and 4am. During this time, the service won't be available. We apologise for any inconvenience which is unusual for it to happen again down last Sunday working all week now down again for this Sunday, .
  3. Hundreds of prisoners including senior al Qaeda terrorists have broken out of Iraq's Abu Ghraib jail after a military-style raid to free them. Suicide bombers drove cars packed with explosives to the gates of the prison on the outskirts of Baghdad while gunmen pounded guards with mortars and rocket-propelled grenades. Militants wearing suicide vests stormed into the prison to release some 500 inmates, most of whom were said to be al Qaeda members facing the death sentence. Other militants took up positions near the main road, fighting off security reinforcements sent from Baghdad. Ten poli
  4. MPs from the ruling State of Law Coalition and the Kurdistan Alliance confirmed the presence of positive vibes between the federal government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Erbil regarding the possibility of passing the Oil and Gas Law, which governs the management of oil wealth in the country. The law is supposed to be passed during the current legislative session, which ends in early 2014. However, the MPs preferred to maintain discretion regarding information on the final draft of the law. A high-ranking source in the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Mali
  5. Ive just checked the Natwest and it is also down Service Information **NEW** We wanted to let you know that this Sunday 21 July you won't be able to make payments using online, mobile or telephony services for a few hours while we are making some improvements. This means that from midnight to 6am no payment or transfer services will be available, but you'll still be able to view your accounts. These changes are to support the new Current Account Switch Service launching in September. We wanted you to know in advance so you can also plan ahead and make any payments or transfers y
  6. Hi Ive just checked with my Barclays online account here in the UK and this message came up Welcome to Barclays Online Banking Online Banking maintenance. We'll be carrying out routine maintenance in Online Banking on Sunday 21st July between 00:30hrs and 06:00hrs. You will not be able to log in during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Message updated 20th July 2013
  7. Hi all, Two of my brothers are members, one in north wales UK and my other brother is a member of one of the main ones in London he has been for many years he also travels to New York to a lodge,.
  8.  Baghdad / Ahmed Alaa said a coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the possibility of resolving the dispute between the federal government and the Kurdistan region on the enactment of the oil and gas, as alluded to Arbil, the possibility of resorting to the option of the Federal Court to overcome the differences explain the constitutional articles on the distribution of natural wealth among Iraqis. The MP said the state law Abboud al-Issawi's (range): "there a common desire between the government and the federal and the Kurdistan region to reach compromises, is bein
  9. This is the speech made by Talabani, this has been put on the UN website so surely it must mean something
  10. I have checked the PDF history to see if they had an auction today, because last time it wasnt uploaded onto their website they did put it on the PDF history on the same day, but today they havent so it looks like they havent had an auction today,
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