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  1. storm1

    Follow Up

    Artitech . you are the very 1st person to actually photo/document something. KUDOS for the extra effort!! youve got class!
  2. oil prices will be back up by the end of March< where did you get this information? oil has not even bottomed yet. cheap oil will last over a year.......mark this post, see me in march
  3. your fine writting ability is second to none, however let me break this down. misperception and judgment? no misperception, i hit the nail directly on the head. i was simply stating facts. am i wrong? i dont think so. you did infact follow footforward as i stated. didnt you? You attack me anywhere you happen to find me, Storm. not really i have only seen you here. and never attacked just pointing out the obvious....spin it how you want. and stop trying to make me and others look like the bad guy to advert attention from yourself. and talk about judging?? you are the judge here, i am just the purveyor of truth and fact. everything i have stated here is truthful and factual. God as my witness,
  4. maybe you should try the news section here, instead of the rumor section. fwiw
  5. " I'm not much good at being a sheep" Really? I mean Really? If one were to look back at your past postings here about 2 years ago (your old screen name was"butterfly" something) one would beg to differ. As I recall you used to follow the sheepmaster footforward, and attack folks that would call him out. Did you find a new flock lol good grief!! Anyhow...merry christmas
  6. Thats fine and dandy, Has anyone verified the currecy they bought?
  7. I chuckled at some of the relys here. and am aware of the security features, however i read an article a few weeks back (never saved it, but guess i should have) that Iran has the capability to counterfiet any currecy out in the world market, and does it. Heres why i ask this question......i purchased my dinar from DT inc now as some of you recall a while ago Ali Agha, the owner of DT Inc had family issues was threated or some story like that and shut down and moved, then reoped, and i now see DT Inc is now xchangeamerica, im sure the dinar sales were good to ali agha, but why the change? Is the currency he was selling legit?? I dunno. Tis why i ask if anyone has verified the dinar they hold...its a SERIOUS question. thank in advance for all replies. storm
  9. look how many times talibani died and came back to life......guys got 9 lives
  10. storm1


    Dontlop I know exactly what that guy was ta;ling about in that long paragraph. There is a long drawn out process that must be done inorder to access this. its extremly time consuming. but I know its been done. i think the reference to the 2 sets of books is called CAFR
  11. LOL I Saw that video posted by some guru on another site. Decided to do some research. ok hes the CEO of AMERIGOLD right? <<heres the amerigold website <Here is the contact us page 19627 East Fair Drive Centennial, Colorado. 80016 <amerigold business address,+Colorado.+80016&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x876c8eacf76ce245:0x52265dabf5e084c6,19627+E+Fair+Dr,+Aurora,+CO+80016&gl=us&ei=qZDtUuCpNMnCyAH4hYCQAw&ved=0CCkQ8gEwAA had to laugh cause some guru thought he was some big CEO lmao
  12. if you listened to the interview, he said he had to sign a statement stating he would have no financial interest or economic dealings in iraq(paraphrased) he didnt create the iraqi constitution. he wrote the book for 2 reasons, 1 to make money 2 the obama admin needs to be lambasted i didnt catch any lies
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