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  1. Then they'd have ALL our finger prints for government you'd better be good...😏 But the thieves would still find a way around it...
  2. I seen him on OSI yesterday and he just posted again but I'm not in OSI just VIP
  3. I just got a Kimber 357 last night to add to my collection...😏
  4. Thanks @Markinsa They're trying to push the shot on us at work. I work for FAA (aerospace) and have a friend at Delta. If they don't take the shot it is going to cost them an extra200-250$ a month insurance.
  5. @yota691do you ever sleep?!?! My lord... thanks for all you do. I sure hope to meet all of my DV peeps "SOON"🤣 Much appreciated... thanks!!!😊
  6. Yeah and I need a "very soon" RV🤣Please...thank you in advance🤡
  7. Good thing I have Ivermectin then...😉 I'm not getting the shot and know several people that got their hole family tested...guess all have it. and really don't have it just the sinus and allergies.
  8. My apologies @fioranosportscarsit might be another link. There were two last week that didn't show.
  9. @fioranosportscars this was posted here last week. Hope it helps. Don't know how to link it so copied... Iraq Implementation Movement cutter73 replied to Wheelman's topic in Iraq & Dinar Related News The screen disappears...I clicked on the link above. @Monkndad
  10. The screen disappears...I clicked on the link above. @Monkndad
  11. Thanks Yota! I've seen quite a few aircraft parts coming through the shop... let's hope this is it. Another step closer...
  12. LOL... be careful of leaving a window open. I used to do that until I had a owl come in...😂
  13. And her last post was Oct. 29, 2019 and talks about Revalue , Devalue and withdraws after stability will go into devalue and print small demons
  14. @normala rashid I was thinking she helped a few times before. Haven't seen her on here in quite some time. She used to chime in on things @pokerplayer
  15. I can't remember the lady's name but I'm pretty sure we had a couple on here. thinking the name started with an N'll bug me until I think of it.💩😂
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