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Could Sadr Elected GOI Be In Trouble If Maliki Has Anything To Say About It??


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Luigi asks...


On TNT call, today...

Iran is now demanding Maliki be part of the Sadr GOI even though he failed to get a majority.  Iran launched 12 missiles from inside Iran, near Erbil, on Tuesday.  Iran Maliki, no peace in Iraq.  Will there be another one-year delay if Iran rejects the current majority Sadr election results by demanding another election?  What ramifications will this have on a RV-RI any time soon?

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9 hours ago, jeepguy said:

They put to much faith in that dumb ass,

Sadr, should take /give malarkey a long looooong vacation 


We must look at the bigger picture.  Maliki is nothing but an Iran proxy.

Iran is the real threat & Iran is not going anywhere any time soon.

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19 hours ago, T B said:

malarky has been alot of the trouble for iraq it seems, birds of a feather flock together, yes iran knows this ! control  the flock!

Malarkey ran the country into the ground and let the country be over run and left the country almost broke

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