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  1. Malarkey ran the country into the ground and let the country be over run and left the country almost broke
  2. yes they shuld start at 1050 ad let it move up or down on the fortex
  3. My dreams of great wealth have changed over the years. I think almost anything would be OK. The Iraqis talk a lot but doing is something else.
  4. I've been really excited about this RV 3 times in the past. I learned my lesson. Don't count count on it. Don't get your hopes up. Don't get your hopes about something they say there going to do. look for the things that get done. there has been progress recently and i'm hopeful but.
  5. i If it comes out at 1,45 we will be lucky to get out of the bank with 1,00
  6. I have been fooled a few times. Don't count on it. But it would be a really good time right about now.
  7. They will come out at 10 cents and make money on the spread all the way to 86 cents. Doing this they will pay for most of the RV
  8. The feds computers probably choked on all the dollars there making. i heard that they have made more dollars than have ever existe. i dont remember the date it started but things cant go on like this much longer
  9. Research documents just declassified by the military show that the U.S. Naval Airborne Weapons Institute is developing ultra-high energy fusion technology . The energy that can be produced makes a hydrogen bomb explosion like a "firecracker" in comparison . The energy density produced by this super black technology is enough to change time and space. Now it has entered the experimental testing stage.
  10. delta and his wife have been wrong for more than 10 years.
  11. I’ve been a member of DV for a very long time and this is the first time I can remember not seeing new articles in this area.
  12. theres no way your going to see a big amout at first maybe 50 cents but not likely.
  13. It makes more sence for Iraq to come out at 10 cents and go up and make money on the spread all the way up to where ever the market takes it.
  14. This is the same story we hear every year about this time. Dam i hope its true this time. But don't count on it.
  15. I just had a thought that this all might be done before the next US president is sworn in. Its been a very long road and alot of people have come and gone. Its kind of sad that they wont be here to live the dreams they had.
  16. The Chinese bought the company On Oct 8th 2020 for 400 million. Just in time for the elections. Many of there offices have been Closed
  17. I've been waiting a long time also i hope it happens this time. I'm wondering how were going to be able to fly when the time comes.
  18. Was Iraq better off under Saddam when the dinar was 3,20. Or now at pennys on the dollar? Why cant they return to something close to what they had.
  19. Kap what you say makes sense but before we the USA lowered the value of the dinar to where it is now it was around 3,00 in US. They were selling much less oil than now. They had billions in debt written off. Also most of the UN and US penalties were removed. But now that i think about it they had 2 wars. Also its a f up part of the world.
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