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Al-Maliki announces his position on the dissolution of Parliament in preparation for the early elections

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01-08-2020 02:44 PM


Baghdad / news

The leader of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, announced today, Saturday, his position on the dissolution of Parliament in preparation for the early elections.

Al-Maliki said in a tweet on his account on Twitter, "The dissolution of the parliament depends on two phases, the first has the right to request the dissolution and the second has the authority with the decision to dissolve.

He added that "the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic have the right to demand only and not the decision to dissolve, and one third of the members of the House of Representatives also have the right to demand, but in both cases there is no solution except by a vote of the Council to dissolve itself by an absolute majority of its members."

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If a rocket can hit that Iranian piece crap at an airport😜 I am sure if a CERTAIN group of

warriors can do the same if they put their mind's to it. Hint Hint!!!!!   I will chip in a few bucks. 😁


3 hours ago, Half Crazy Runner said:

I’m thinking Maliki has earned his very own 💣 with just his name on it 💥 😁


52 minutes ago, Floridian said:

I don't get it!

How come nobody can do anything about Maliki?

All he does is enrich himself and ruin Iraq.

Why is he still here?



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Floridian: If I remember correctly our own CIA backed him and put him in office.


Things that make you say hmmmmmm.


Btw I agree with you!


We will ALL pay for our Sins, however some Folks are not saved and they will have a rude awakening some day! 

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