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  1. This is not good at all! This is only going to give Maliki and his goons more control. This will slow down the process of electing even more than it already is. WTF!!!
  2. Thanks Yota. I'm aware but its just frustrating that have these get togethers for minimal issues when they continue to kick the can down the rioad for major issues.
  3. WOW! We can all relax now that they've agreed on the important issues at hand...
  4. No ****! I was just questioning your comment. YOU said and I quote "Yes, now that they (International) know that Iraq is secure from Isis by the Saudis and US"
  5. There's one thing that Iraq has nailed down; it's a photo of "important figures" sitting, looking at each other, accomplishing NOTHING!! They have perfected it.
  6. What's sad is everyone else in the world knows what Iraq has, and what's possible. But unfortunately, the corrupt country of Iraq knows only one way and the corrupt are very wealthy with no consequences. So, we need to ask ourselves; If you could steal and kill with no response, why would you change things? It kind of sounds like what's happening in our country doesn't it! Its very sad. the only way I see any change is what the Iraqi people are starting to do now, which is to rebel and fight until maybe, just maybe, they might be able to crack that wall of corruption to a point where they can live somewhat of a normal life. I say somewhat because it will never be free from the scum that keeps the people down. Again, it sounds familiar.
  7. But don't worry, Frank the snake oil salesman says that the politics have nothing to do with the Dinar and we are on the cusp of greatness! Well, if he says it, we can all relax. Tell that to the Iraqi people that were killed and are on the streets fighting for their futures.
  8. Agree! Why is it that we've seen this over and over again, And everytime Barzani goes to Bagdad, he leaves with NOTHING RESOLVED! I get so damn aggravated! I can't imagine how the Iraqi people feel. I've said before and i'll say it again, politics are the ultimate evil in this world and greed and corruption are here to stay forever. We the people, are doomed and what is happening now all over the world, is the sign we dreaded would happen in our lifetime. Greed! Greed! Greed!
  9. Then, why did he put it on Twitter and tell the world. Why didn't he just do it discretely?
  10. In a way, its karma for the gurus (Frank26, Mark Z, etc.) who call it every week. Its getting obvious that we will not see any movement with the Dinar until next year if at all. Sadr is pushing, but it looks more and more that he's a hit wall of corruption that is more powerful than he. There will always be something that stalls forward movement. The corrupt ignore the citizens in every way. It will take a civil war to see possible change, that is not that far away in my opinion. I read where that snake oil salesman, Frank 26 said that the parliament has been dissolved for months. If thats true why doesn't he prove it. But, As we know thats just not true and he can't prove it, only saying that his "boots on the ground" said it. The finance minister resigning is not a good thing. That will only give them a reason to stall even more. What a sad state they are in. Come to think of it, we are in the same boat and it sucks!! Looks like another Christmas without the prosperous gift that we all hope for. I hope I'm wrong, but i don't think so.
  11. Here we go. Just another way to delay passing anything in this law. This country, just refuses to move forward for the people. Sickening!
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