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  1. Love your optimism but I just don't see anything until they get those seats filled and they are able to somewhat control the corruption. I realize they will never stop it completely. This is Iraq after all. I want this just as much as you all do, but I feel there is still to many hurdles to climb yet for us to see it this month. I hope I'm very wrong!
  2. Until they rid themselves from Iran, which they will never do, don't expect a change in their currency. Corruption is in their blood
  3. Agree 100% we're a bunch of fools to be thinking this is going to happen anytime soon jmo
  4. I'm not trying to be negative just to be negative , but as days pass and we are still waiting for that damn desert to do the right thing for their people. Seems when we here something positive, it turns out to be nothing. My gut says we will be hoping for this for some time to come
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