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  1. This is just the thing we were waiting for! Now we can all head to the bank and wait for our 800#s
  2. This is why we won't see anything change. Look how much they're stealing? Why would they get rid of the auctions when its so easy to steal money with no consequences! What really pisses me off is how blatant it is and no one does anything about it
  3. C'mon people! We can see these articles over and over again, and still see no raise. Until they get rid of the auctions nothing will ever happen PERIOD!!!
  4. They don't seem to be worried about an exchange rate
  5. Everyone needs to understand that as long as this goes on there no way that we will say any change in the currency, no way!!!
  6. What most fail to realize is that as long as Iran is controlling Iraq, and by the way thats exactly what they are doing, we will not see any RI.
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