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  1. IMHO: I think the less the oil prices are the less the Iraqi Dinar is valued at, so the higher it goes the better for us.
  2. Good Morning Yota and everyone:) Yota you are 30 right? with how many years experience do you have at being 30?
  3. I think that when the President said that we (USA) will not do any business with any country that does business with iran changed internal thinking in Iraq, after all Iraq and iran do a lot of business together, they have both called each other "brothers" and we are the infidel, Iraq will not stop doing business with iran for the USA. IMO this will be a factor in Iraq finally getting off the infidel's money and get back to there own currency. After 10 plus years in this I hope it goes at least 1.16 to 1, I would prefer the 3 to 1 that some of the older guru's used to preach
  4. Badrabbit

    Float currency

    I wonder if their is any way to truly find out how much IQD the US Government has? If they have 3 or 4 trillion as rumored and it goes 3 to 1, that would go a long way to paying off our National Debt, and this Business oriented President is wise enough to do just that! Hope if this happens He also changes the monetary policy in the Law to prevent the same financial disaster we now have from ever happening in the future! We have seen our Nations debt double in 8 years what the rest of the entire Nation has spent in all of its history! We have the right President to control the Money I believe!
  5. While reading this " The Central Bank of Iraq estimates that home money is about 34 trillion dinars and represents more than 70 percent of the currency", something came to my mind, this does not mean that all of this currency is free floating around as their are a lot of Governments including ours that are holding a lot of it and will use it as foreign currency reserves to do trading with am I right?
  6. Badrabbit

    RayRat Has A New Date.

    I have a date - Feb 30th (same day I'll get married again;) Badrabbit
  7. Wiljor: He WILL pay and pay dearly, it may not be in this World but I know He will pay in the World to come
  8. There has been so many articles that say early in the next year they will launch the project that I have hope that this ride will finally be over and I can get off this 10 train ride I have been on! Here is to Hope!
  9. Maybe it is a plan by the real Powers of the World Banking System to "reset" all the Middle East all at the same time??? ooohhh Hell-I hope this does not make Me a Guru! (almost a prediction in there somewhere)
  10. Badrabbit


    29 still right? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May the Lord Jesus Christ Bless you Greatly this year!
  11. Badrabbit

    New CBI announcement 01/13/2016

    Translation please?
  12. Somebody better get a hold of OKIE - he would LOVE to see these numbers - grin- (LOL) Even better is RIGHT!
  13. I am reading the above as the 250 Dinar Coin is sold for $777.48 maybe I have had too much Coffee today
  14. Folks I have been invested for 9 years now and DO NOT get excited about much (I am a lurker not much into speculation but I am head deep into Speculating today!) Let Me show you Convert Grams to Ounces and back go to this site... So if you take the above statement saying that they will sell 22 gram coins (they also stated 15 gram coins), converting 22 grams into ounces you get 22 Grams x 28.34952 =.776 ounces at the spot price as of now is $35.34 per gram / $1109.20 per ounce so... 22 x $35.34 = $777.48 per Coin Now did I miss read the above statement saying that this Coin would be sold for 250 Dinars? $777.48 / 250 Dinar = $3.10992 US Dollars Per Iraq Dinar ????????????? (You may now pick Me up off the Floor)

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