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  1. Folks remember the World monetary banking system requires 5% in reserves this includes the Countries physical assets - Gold,Silver,Minerals,Oil AND foreign currency reserves 92 billion in known foreign assets. Iraq has 82 billion in gold alone! how much in silver, oil, other minerals? not counting as they get there people working this will add a lot. Iraq has also been removing notes from there circulation, a huge amount of the total Dinar is out of Iraq as foreign held currency this currency will be traded within other countries (like when I cash in the bank will give me dollars, this will eventually be traded within the inter country reserve trading system), hard to understand this but countries trade every day using this system. Iraq has enough to RI and RV to min of 2 to 1, this figure does not count oil reserves or the other assets Iraq has that we do not know about. FORGET LOP! Shabibi said: Delete 3 zero's from the nominal Value meaning .00086 to .86 they have plenty of assets!
  2. Be "Alert" the world needs more lerts! I believe also that in one of the Shabibi articles they were talking about a $25 new note not a $20.
  3. Malarkey I mean Maliki is a rotten apple in the barrel I wonder when they will throw that apple over the side of the ship?
  4. He is a Preacher from the corn fields here in Indiana, He seems to have real intel from the Military somehow, I have listened to him for a couple years now, He has never said anything about the Dinar, I am not holding my breath (been in this way to long for that) but Jan 1st is looking possible!
  5. Paul Begley talks about the Iraq Dinar revaluing, go to 12:26 time stamp and listen until about the 21 min mark.
  6. IMHO: I think the less the oil prices are the less the Iraqi Dinar is valued at, so the higher it goes the better for us.
  7. Good Morning Yota and everyone:) Yota you are 30 right? with how many years experience do you have at being 30?
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