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  1. Thank you Karsten. Very much appreciated and touching. Good day Sir.
  2. Mr. Finley, Good to hear from you as well. Always a great time, thanks. Take care and we'll get together in the near future.
  3. Yes Sir, After that it's only a plane flight to the gathering so let's get this thing away off the dock and on it's way! Besides, I've already picked out the rum. And of course... Go Moola Nova!
  4. Mr. Synopsis, Good to see your fired up and on a roll my friend! If they take away your keyboard, have no fear I'll ship you mine and Fed-Ex flies every day. Even from here with a little creativity... ­čîŐ Keep up the good work Lad!!!
  5. Fits my point of view precisely. The best to all my friends here at DV.
  6. Mr. Bigwave, I'm off the grid until after the hurricane season and due to the current band with limitations communications are, let's say trying... This post however, made my day. Thank you, Sir for sharing and the best to you and all of my friends at DV. (Emoji stolen from a friend but I'm sure he won't mind)
  7. Mr. 429 it is then. I had a 50/50 chance at getting it correct. Good day, Sir and thanks again.
  8. Ms. 429, I'm guessing Ms. here as I went by your avatar but I've been wrong before, just ask PP and RMC... I don't get to post this time of year due to lack of data reception in my location this time of year. Very well stated. Thank you for sharing. Good day Ma'am.
  9. Ms. PP, (Sorry Ms. Player just did not seem appropriate) I could not agree more. Have no fear, out in the open ocean these things are dealt with a little differently. While I will not go into the colorful details, "Shark Bait" should suffice. Take care.
  10. Mr. Synopsis, How I do enjoy it when you get on a roll... Perfect time to get a little data reception! Keep up the good work my friend and we will talk soon. And... GO MOOLA NOVA!!!
  11. Mr. Vaughn, I smile every time I see your avatar. I've always had an interest in your vocation but the lack of time has hindered my education. After all, there are only 28 hours in the day... Perhaps at the Post RV gathering we can chat and commence the education. I know I can make you talk as I'm in charge of the rum... Thanks for your input and keep the good new coming. Good day, Sir.
  12. Mr. 10YL, Thank you for openness in stating what we all feel. I'm not sure why the red baron would strafe you but here's some green to even you out. Take care, Sir.
  13. They are bringing a knife to a gun fight. You can't fix stupid but I believe nature calls it, "Natural Selection". I personally am DONE being threatened as a nation. Go ahead Iran, MAKE MY DAY!!! Venting over... Take care my friend. Go Moola Nova!!! (I still love the pirate ship)
  14. Mr. Synopsis, I look forward to it as well. I'm no meteorologist but if the hurricanes are inhibited we'll schedule the Post RV gathering on Jost Van Dyke. In the mean time we'll be below the 12, before the 21st. Rules are rules, until they change... Take care.
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