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  1. Pitcher, Now this one I had to chime in with an opinion as you have been gracious enough to share your knowledge with us. I read all your post in an effort to expand my knowledge but sadly I can only grasp about 20% of what you describe. I'm working on that... I love the sea but but have always been an, "Adrenalin Junkee" so both worlds are in my life. I was a "Motor Head" as well growing up but after raising kids and now playing with grand kids the idea of wrenching again does nothing for me. BUT, I still love to drive and the only maintenance is oil changes and a lot of tires from some very spirited driving! The wife bless her heart came home one day and said, "I'm done with the SUV's, I want a car"! She chose a Camaro SS and loves it. I chose a 2015 Corvette ZO6 with the ZO7 package and couldn't be happier. I hated the Corvette line until they came out with this version. To make them handle, they rode like a board, to give them the correct amount of horse power comes with a lot of maintenance issues and the interiors were uncomfortable, squeaky and cheesy. Every model year was always a disappointment in some facet, until this one. It was the second model year so the kinks were worked out and the last year the settings for the safety computer controls (Nannie Override Settings) could be turned OFF. They deleted that ability in 2016 as to many unqualified drivers were dying. Note: On unfamiliar roads, I definitely use the Nannie settings to varying degrees. Why not! While many performance vehicles have there issues, 99.9% of them are from abusive drivers who shouldn't be in that type of vehicle. I've had no problems. Everyone has their own taste but whatever you choose I say, "GO FOR IT"! Take care and hello to all my friends at DV.
  2. Late to the party as usual... Happy birthday Mr. Finley!
  3. Pitcher, While I have no experience in your vocation it has always fascinated me for some strange reason. I am very much looking forward to the end of this ride and sitting down for a chat with you. I'll bring the Root Beer. Until then, I'll watch and learn. Thanks.
  4. Mr. Synopsis, Since we get only get one I went for the first choice. This one would have been my second: Synopsis IS True The United States Of America Patriot Supportive AND A Team Player. Almost fell overboard laughing when I read this one: I JUST Wish Synopsis would care about MY feelings AND other sensitive feelings. Definitely ON the island, we'll even pick you up and take you there! Keep up the good work, Sir.
  5. Thanks fort the update my friend. We’ll talk more when reception allows or the kettle blows. Whichever comes first. Good day Sir.
  6. Very mild Sir. Thank you my friend. Are we getting close to takeoff?
  7. Maybe just a little but sometimes it is necessary when you need to reach out to someone who has made some bad life decisions. It's also VERY final. Thanks for sharing guys.
  8. CF, Looks like I'm late to the party, again... Darn weak WIFI signals, ARGGG! If this RV would kick off, a new sat system is the first thing on the list. It only let be give you one emerald and one trophy but know we all have your back. With the limited time I can currently get a signal due to location I don't get time to read the rules on how many emerald, etc one can give out in a specified time frame. Perhaps someone give me the readers digest version. Take care.
  9. Thank you Karsten. Very much appreciated and touching. Good day Sir.
  10. Mr. Finley, Good to hear from you as well. Always a great time, thanks. Take care and we'll get together in the near future.
  11. Yes Sir, After that it's only a plane flight to the gathering so let's get this thing away off the dock and on it's way! Besides, I've already picked out the rum. And of course... Go Moola Nova!
  12. Mr. Synopsis, Good to see your fired up and on a roll my friend! If they take away your keyboard, have no fear I'll ship you mine and Fed-Ex flies every day. Even from here with a little creativity... 🌊 Keep up the good work Lad!!!
  13. Fits my point of view precisely. The best to all my friends here at DV.
  14. Mr. Bigwave, I'm off the grid until after the hurricane season and due to the current band with limitations communications are, let's say trying... This post however, made my day. Thank you, Sir for sharing and the best to you and all of my friends at DV. (Emoji stolen from a friend but I'm sure he won't mind)
  15. Mr. 429 it is then. I had a 50/50 chance at getting it correct. Good day, Sir and thanks again.
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