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  1. "Land of squeeze and the home.. of the.. SLAVES" Is this actually what some people are choosing? To have a Socialist Government squeeze out, like in a wine press, every last ounce of ever declining profit produced by the pure determination and hard labor of real red blooded Americans so that they can live our stolen American dream? The money to operate big government and its ever increasingly hideous programs comes straight out of your pocket and mine, while so many thugs in government continue to grew richer. The only people who will, in their right mind, not share these views either dependent upon the government and therefore fear having to be responsible for themselves or are part of this corrupt government and profiting thereby.
  2. In Goat terminology "Reinstatement" refers to going on forex and being internationally recognized and traded. "Releasing the lower denoms" refers to deleting the zeros and adjusting the rate IN COUNTRY before going on forex and entering the international markets. Have a great morning!
  3. Come on Iraq just SEND IT!!!
  4. I don't disagree but the term seems a bit ambeeguous and somewhat negatively misleading in the context of the scope of "Reality T.V. Stars". I don't want to be presumptuous and assume that you were expressing any unbalanced bias in regards to this President. Your value for the facts gives us hope that you too will one day see the truth about the man we are so blessed to have in office. Go RV baby!
  5. Come now Shabs, to use "Reality T.V. star" as your description of President Trump seems a bit shallow for a man with your intellect. Good morning by the way! God bless DJT! .... and all of DV!
  6. This is great news! 🙌 it's go time Iraq!! YEHAW! OPEN THE GATE!!
  7. Thanks for pointing out the still overwhelming majority of the USA! good morning by the way! Go RV
  8. The note in the picture looks like 10 dinar note of some kind. The historic 100 notes on the CBI site have a 1 with 2 dots after, the notes in the picture clearly match the 10 dinar notes. Just my 2 cents
  9. Thanks for all that Synopsis, I always appreciate your viewpoint. I'm excited to see the inconsistencies as related to the dinar looking international and still being not international. Makes one think things are on the move! 🔥🔥
  10. Is the IQD international? I would love to hear some input on this from those who know more than me!
  11. I would love to hear some opinions on the IQD rate showing here!
  12. I'm just curious to know why the dinar is even on this chart. Seems to be a little more active on an international level than I would have thought. Is the dinar showing a rate on other forex charts?
  13. I believe IRQ is simply the acronym for Iraq in this situation because it's followed by "dinar". If it was IQD followed by dinar it would read "Iraqi dinar dinar".
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