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Parliment Rate Announcement

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We all follow various news sources for up to date info / rumor.  I read this morning that a preliminary rate of .50 cents per dinar has 

been rumored ... or $1 USD to 2 IQD.  Does anyone have more accurate or up to date info.  That seems awfully hard to believe.



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20 hours ago, DinarThug said:



Here’s A Portion Of An Article Pertaining To What Delta Saw On Iraqi TV Last Night ! ;) 


Lol - And U Can Throw Away Any ‘Road Map’ That Calls For Devaluing The Currency For ‘ANY’ Country That Isn’t Experiencing Runaway Hyper Inflation ! :o 

Iraq Doesn’t Have Inflation - So I Wouldn’t Put Much Credence In Something Put Forth By A Single Representative In Parliament ...


:D  :D  :D 


A road map for solving the financial crisis


A road map for solving the financial crisis

a member of the House of Representatives, Muhammad Sahib al-Darraji, has proposed a road map to solve the financial crisis.



Sixth: - Monetary policy
A - The exchange rate
1 - Begin to gradually reduce the Iraqi dinar price to reach 1500 dinars against the dollar until the end of the year 2020 and review the economic situation.
2 - And then start another reduction up to 1,800 within 6 months.
3 - Then we study the possibility of deleting the zeros, so we will end with a fixed price of 2 Iraqi dinars per dollar.

B - Methods to address potential inflation and the effects of the devaluation of the Iraqi dinar so that this procedure is accompanied by the following steps: -
1 - Increasing nominal salaries for grades five to nine and increasing the salaries of the social protection network by 12% to reduce the impact of potential inflation on the
 vulnerable classes .
2 - Amending the currency selling mechanism to maintain the hard currency inside the country and that the dollar and other foreign currencies are sold and traded directly in the currency markets or through the stock market in order to get a real price of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar and that the guarantor of the prices is the value of the available reserve The Central Bank of Iraq has hard currency.


2 minutes ago, tdawg66 said:

Does anyone have more accurate or up to date info.  That seems awfully hard to believe.

It’s In The Hopium Thread And In The News Section ! ;) 



And Ur Right Not To Believe It ...  :shakehead: 



It’s One Parliament Rep Wanting To LOWER The Rate And Then Drop The Zeros To Get To That Number ! :o 


:D  :D  :D 

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5 hours ago, King Bean said:

        Agree with Thug. And why in the he!! would they announce it up front?

Except to give Weegie and his posse of misfits something to squeal about. LOL.


Redneck Drinking Team,

They wont iranian backed muppets ministers wanting a devaluation! Won’t happen!

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Statement by parliament is not decision by parliament..rate not dictated by parliament not even sure if its dictated by Cbi to be’s in the plan that was hatched pre gulf war...shab knows the rate, I have no doubt trump knows the rate! And Iran well they will have their shitting pants on

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