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  1. We all follow various news sources for up to date info / rumor. I read this morning that a preliminary rate of .50 cents per dinar has been rumored ... or $1 USD to 2 IQD. Does anyone have more accurate or up to date info. That seems awfully hard to believe. "2DINAR PER $ ....THE PLAN IS ...STATEMENT FROM PARLIAMENT...MORE INFORMATION SHOULD BE COMING OUT...."
  2. I think I've been misunderstood ... this former IRS attorney says I should pay my taxes and then if I want to protect my gains then I should strongly consider putting them in an offshore corp / account but to do so with the intent of bringing the money back into the country when I need it and to pay taxes at that time is wrong. Sorry for any confusion. This same Tax Attorney said the federal INCOME tax ramification would be 35%. I met with another CPA who said it shouldn't be considered "income" for tax purposes but rather capital gains merely because it's a speculative investment as would
  3. This is all great information. I've recently spoken with a very competent tax attorney who served as an attorney for the IRS for five (5) years. I described to him some of the possibilities of forming and IBC with offshore accounts etc... and everything that's legitimate in the way of paying taxes .... he asked me some more questions and after he had enough information to process he told me "don't do it, you'll end up in prison ... trust me". He further suggested I be an American and pay my taxes as I should. He indicated the federal income tax would be 35% and my state 5% ... I nearly die
  4. Thanks for the great intel ... sure appreciate the step by step explanations for us novices. thanks again. Go RV !!!!!
  5. Do you fully understandy the quote you shared? Your riches won't be going with you when you die. It doesn't mean you can't be financially blessed - without being judgemental but rather opinionated some of the most barbaric people on the planet are rich ... where is their heart and mind? doing ill to mankind. Give food to the hungry, clothe the naked and take in the homeless ... having the financial means to do good isn't bad or evil. Do the most good while you're still on earth. Our investing in Iraq's future does help the Iraqis ... it can also help us help ourselves in some of our unfo
  6. I did some further reading and found an article ... this should have been posted with the initial topic posting. keep in mind, you can't believe everything you read. Hey, Nacho Libre ... that picture cracks me up. Peace Out.
  7. A real life example of how gossip gets turned around into some country altering rumor ... hand surgery. I agree with many of the above "proof" ... you can't always believe what you hear, read or see ... time will resolve all speculating. I just hope it comes sooner rather than later.
  8. Oh my goodness ... I'm heard both sides of this concept "stop buying" and "if we do, it won't make a dent in things" ... I have another angle - be positive, be hopeful, be patient, stop whining, give it a rest already, quit listening to all of those people who seem to know the "when" and "how much" - they don't know any more than you or I do. I believe this to be a sound investment - some have been waiting 5, 6 and nearly 7 years. Have you ever heard the saying, "Endure to the end"? I read another thread earlier and it was upbeat, positive, informative and somewhat spiritual. It really ma
  9. KC6512, here's to wishing you the best in your situation. I'm a part-time realtor by trade and thoroughly have enjoyed learning all of the many facets of the trade. Might I suggest a couple of options and you'll have to research things further on your own accord simply to avoid any personal liability ... before giving up on the house thing find someone knowledgeable in your area and weigh the options of either a "Short Sale" on your house (must be listed by a realtor for bank(s) to process; or a "Loan Modification" via a reputable source and NOT YOUR MORTGAGE COMPANY(ies) ... they're only ou
  10. Everyone I know is going to be playing their cards close to their chest. I know that Chase Bank in Southern Salt Lake City, Utah returned their delarue machine approximately six (6) months ago. "WHY?" was my question and no answer in return. I've been doing some research regarding the procedures for cashing in the dinars and we will all need the following form (pre-completed is best) ( I found some information regarding an outfit in Texas that will be exchanging dinars and their procedures will include strict security; however, in my opinio
  11. I agree with you 200% in that we've all been blessed merely with the opportunity and WHEN (show some faith) the RV occurs we will be blessed once again. That's when we need to abandon the GREED and while securing our future render aide and small acts of kindness along the balance of our life's journey. Let me share a saying that my wife found and it's rather profound and how true it is ... " God does notice us, and he watches over us, but it is usually through another person that he meets our needs." President Spencer W. Kimball Best of wishes to all. T-Dawg
  12. Very intriguing ... would like more information. I'll drop him a note. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the information on gold and silver. I've read a recent article that gold is rising and may be a bit of a falsehood as far as its future appreciation may be concerned. I'm not saying the article is true or false but it comes from a gentleman who has worked with investments for 30+ years. He further predicts or estimates that "iron" may be a better investment. Thoughts on the matter would be much appreciated. Thanks. T
  14. Adam, I really enjoyed your post. How true, how true! What does it say in the Bible, " ... by their fruits ye shall know them ..." Adam, you've always been a straight shooter and not listing names in your post goes even further to prove your purest of intentions for all involved. Hang in there, we all hope it's sooner rather than later. You're wise in preparing NOW for what's coming. I've called two very prominent CPA firms regarding taxation and protecting my returns as much as possible from taxation. I've spoken with several banks regarding CDARS, and talking to others regarding diver
  15. Thanks for everything ... love the information and links found here at
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