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The new Toyota production in Iraq is a qualitative step

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d327eca3-3627-4a49-be6c-6f2b737746c5.jpg Japan and Iraq - @INA


Japan chooses to reveal a new car

July 8, 2018


INA – Baghdad


A Japan’s 2019 Toyota was set to be revealed in Iraq this week.


“Toyota is to reveal the new car in the International Baghdad Fair,” Head of Toyota Iraq, Sardar Hussein told INA.


Director-General of Iraqi Fairs and Trade Company Hashim Muhammad has explained that there are many Japanese projects in terms of reconstruction after the security stable situation.


“This opening to the Japanese companies activates the Iraqi economy and provides more jobs,” Mohammed added.

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1 hour ago, Pitcher said:

Toyota Tacoma, the preferred vehicle of all terrorists in Iraq.

That's because obama had a ton of them shipped over to his friends....Right a long with all the Hummers and tanks he left behind with the key in the ignition and cases of of 7.62X39 ammo.



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  • yota691 changed the title to The new Toyota production in Iraq is a qualitative step
Friday, April 12
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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
, Vice President of Baghdad , a forum on behalf of Jamil Antoine, on Friday, the major international companies presence in Iraq and offer qualitative productions represents a first step on the road to the recovery of the national economy. 

Antoine noted "the depth of the relationship between the Iraqi and Japanese economists and today there is a trend to restore confidence between the two parties, especially with a company that is an important sign in the global market." 

The Company announced Toyota official distributor in Iraq products my company Toyota and Hino the Japanese, the unveiling of the new generation of car Toyota Corolla and Toyota RAV as soon as 2019.



The company said in a statement that "the Iraqi market represents an important direction for its products, and there is consensus in the visions between the company's product and the local market for decades, and so cooperation is beneficial and beneficial to both parties of the process, especially as the company maintains the forefront of sales globally." 

"Toyota Iraq continues to secure various types of Toyota vehicles, including the new RAV4 and Corolla, through the showrooms of authorized dealers in Iraq, ensuring that Toyota's sales are covered by a three-year warranty or 100,000,000 kilometer".

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34 minutes ago, SupraRacer said:

I think the only skilled labor in Iraq is putting camel shoes on a camel.  :jester:


Come on where ya at @DinarThug  we need ya!!!!!


Buy Now And We’ll Throw In This Camel For When The Electricity Goes Out 3 Times A Day And The Pumps Aren’t Working ! :o


:D  :D  :D 
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9 minutes ago, Laid Back said:


private sector

diversification  of the economy 

more jobs


good for the Iraqi economy... good for the dinar.... good for us



Go $1:1



One small step for Iraq.  One giant step for US.


LB do you or anyone else have a list of companies, not countries, that are willing to bring there products to Iraq like Toyota is for jobs??  I keep looking for construction related companies to start the reconstruction and infrastructure but very few articles regarding that.  No matter what the value is of the dinar (I say this in that unless the value changes these companies will be paid in USD).  I think once we start hearing and SEEING this a lot will change.  Until then we wait.



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2 hours ago, yota691 said:

Toyota's sales are covered by a three-year warranty or 100,000,000 kilometer".



man not sure you could hit those miles in the 3 year warranty period even if the vehicle was never shut off 🤣🤣.

......... cheers dv 


Kilometers to Miles Converter

Kilometers   Miles
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100000000 kilometers is equal to 62137119.223733395 miles
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After A Multi Century’s Long Relationship With The Iraqi’s The Camels Aren’t Going To Take To Seeing Their Replacements - Oh What Feeling ! :o 


Camel Bite


:D  :D  :D 


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On July 9, 2018 at 2:08 AM, scouter73 said:

Sorry karsten there are no keys in military hummers btw. The tanks idk but i get your point.


Abrams Tanks are a push button starter in the drivers station ( they're a gas to drive ) . . . and yes, I get his point his well. :twothumbs:

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