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  1. Who's on 1st, What's on 2nd, I don't know 3rd base. Come on Pitcher that's a classic you should never flub up. J/K ya Pitcher. Thanks for all you bring here and the laughs. SR
  2. And how much of that money did milarky give them to change the story that the money and plane wasn't his??????? This has malarky's name written all over it. ALL OVER IT!!!!!! SR
  3. Didn't someone say this about O'dummer at one time???? Regurgitated horse crap. SR
  4. No the hurricane hasn't hit Florida yet. That's the hold up right now. Just getting a jump on all the guru spew that the hurricanes are the signal that the RV happened. OR the reason it didn't happen. Just wait for it cause those excuses are on the way again and again and again. SR
  5. So when do they start with the hurricanes are the beginning of the RV again???? Wait for it cause its a coming. SR
  6. I guess that depends on what she means by new currency. Is she referring to lower denominations or actual new/changed currency??? Also the US changes the face of the currency every couple years with new security features. Does that mean that the value of that currency changed?? Nope. So I guess it's all a matter of interpretation. My question to her would be how does she know this information and how reliable is it?? Also how can a country/forex have 2 different values for a currency??? SR
  7. Hey @DinarThug just in case you missed this one in all of your misguided musings. J/K there bud you have been killing it lately between your own thread here and the multi personality bro's thread. Keep up the good work. SR
  8. They can have all my paper dinar as soon as they RV. So I hope I don't have to wait after 30 years. SR
  9. The Rat: The Banks Now Have The 800's. The 800 numbers have been around for over 50 years and I'm sure the banks have had one since the last 25 of those years so how do they just NOW have 800 numbers. SR
  10. Those would be MarkZ, Frank, Delta, the goat, walkingstick, and all the other idjits that call themselves "gurus" But we, the informed at DV, already know this. SR
  11. Hey Synopsis all I can think about, and this is not at all meant in any negative way, is Malarky and his band of 40 thieves riding up on their horses and stealing anything they can along the road. ALA the great train and stage coach robberies of the 1800"s. I understand how this will help all countries involved but a train, road, or otherwise running through Iraq and Insanity could only have the land pirates drooling at the mouth waiting for this. And the black market exploding. SR
  12. Still stealing and corruption no matter what they call it in Iraq. The Kurds may have a more western type of country but you can't say that the Bozoanies ain't stealing from their own people. How else did they get all their bazillions of dollars??? SR
  13. Probably a bunch of Isainian puppets negotiating on becoming citizens of Isain in order to escape the coming corruption arrests. Just a thought. SR
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