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  1. Didnt recognize the stack of bills next to our hundreds. They look like there getting wealthier they upgraded from vizio to apple on there laptops
  2. Just remember end of clintons first term when Kuwaiti dinar rved and our debts came close to be paid off. Thx to Bush 1 for that. Hmmmm could Trump be saying the US gov't might come across some large amount of money. Bush W. Stated that the iraqi war wouldn't cost of money just American troops. He did what his dad did. Last #s i seen was 8.3 trillion idq was owned by the U.S. gov't. Just a thought
  3. This has turned into a great topic jg1. Im old school. Men should be the bread winner. Wife should stay home with kids IF THEY WANT TOO. doesn't mean they are slave. I feel like a slave because of all they honey doos. Goggles you have your own opinion. There like assholes and they all stink. Its not a perfect world. And an old major stated that its in the bible. "If you a glave be a good slave If your a warrior be a good warrior" so when we all get up to those pearly gates god will let us in
  4. Its the pussifacation of americans. Stop beening so political. Most of us fought for freedom. And if his statement offends you, you were probably one that was curled up in a ball crying for mommy.
  5. I believe jg1 was stating the iraqis would say its a normal life. On his second statement i would have to agree. I would rather be put to dead quickly instead of fist raped.
  6. What am i missing here. Looks like a site. Or are you saying a forex site. We will have to see. Tullamore dew irish wiskey is hell of alot better than luigis
  7. Thank you master yota. Is this the big news rumoured coming out of iraq. Also why i might ask can not open a lot of pitchers news? Is it just rumours or unverified?
  8. Clinton did the same when Kuwait dinar rv at the end of his first term. Bush 1 bought clinton got credit.
  9. Sorry karsten there are no keys in military hummers btw. The tanks idk but i get your point.
  10. I agree. Been in since 2012 just reading and learning. Hope i dont have to fly to iraq like i had to with Kuwait
  11. Here we go again.😢 another dictator in power. All the work and blood we have spilled in iraq down the drain. The corrupt have spoken. Another 10 yrs to go.
  12. Wont believe it until posts it. But i do believe the pig is on flight line doing his pre flight checks. Getting ready to fly
  13. Great idea. But maybe the news writer should know his automotive terminology. Tailgates are on pickups. Deck lids are on cars. But go RV
  14. It seems the pig is on the runway doing as flight checks to Get Ready To Fly. Go RV
  15. On the Kuwait dinar. I read that that's how clinton droppped the deficit at the end of his first term. The U.S. exchanged there currency and that was the reason it was dropped so much. I was in country at that time. My old captain got me into foreign currency exchange. Made alot and lost it all in investment here in the stated.
  16. Bluesky i believe i see your message. Dollar devalues like it has to about .68 cents to what it once was. So in fact dinar increases in value. Need to stop drinking this early. God bless
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