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  1. This would entail that Satan would be in disquise as a world leader, as in the President of the United States, in order for this to occur. What we have to look out for for this to happen is in theory a leader of the world and not just a country. The signs were there at a point in time when Odummer was rising fast from community organizer to the President. However that got thwarted. Don't ask me how but it was. In order for the dollar to digitize every country would need to digitize that deal in the dollar. Which is almost every country in the world. This would be a massive undertaking in which a lot of countries do not have the infrastructure to accomplish this. Do I believe this is comming?? At some point yes, however it will be some time before this will ever happen. Some time meaning longer than 100 years even with the world shrinking through electonics, social media, etc. Just my SR
  2. When is the last time or the first time for that matter that we have ever seen the budget from Iraq???? They spew the same old dribble each and every year. "it's in the budget" "The rate is in the budget" "When they open the budget we will see the rate" "The budget has all the magic crystal balls that will reveal the rate" SR
  3. Is this the link you were looking for?? SR
  4. What we've got here is... failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach. Captain (Strother Martin) Cool Hand Luke Not you Artitech, Utah Rock SR
  5. Again the MSM is what you need to stay away from. Both CNN and MSNBC are so far left leaning your going to fall over watching them. Both of them are so one sided. So far left one sided and spew the most propaganda. Trump has not divided the country. Congress and the MSM have divided the country. Just because they are still sore that hillarious didn't win. So if the economy is still growing, the unemployment rate is at the lowest in 50 some years, and pay is on the rise how is that dividing the country???? Everyone one wins. Even you and EVERY liberal. Is that dividing the country??? And I won't even get into the previous administrations issues and faults. Except for this. Your girl Flublosi famously stated and I quote "You have to vote on the bill in order to see what's in the bill" Now why would you vote on something that you have no idea of what is in it?????? And along party lines typical liberal lock step. Take the challenge. Don't be scared. You do understand that the media is the one that perpetuates the lies don't you ?????????? As the socialist/communist agenda goes he who controls the money and the media controls the people. Or did you not read 1984 by George Orwell?? If not maybe you should. Or Animal Farm by the same author. All are equal but some are more equal than others. SR
  6. I'm not saying that there wasn't any possible interference. No one really knows. NO ONE. It is just the fact that the dumbocrats are so freaking upset that their girl hillarious didn't win to further their already destructive agenda. What destructive agenda you might ask? Well I"m glad you did. When a country is supposed to be together and supportive of whomever is elected as the President of the United States, you, as a duly elected official of public office in Congress are not to waste 2+ years trying to fault with the person. You are supposed to do your job passing laws that support the country you were elected to protect. But not one dumbocrat has put forth very much effort in helping this country since 2016. Oh they may pass a don't pick you nose in public law but does that really help the country. Then you got the lunatic fringe of the so far left they don't know that what they want, HAS NOT AND WILL NOT work in this country. No one whats a socialist country that they want this to become. The government is not a piggy bank to give everyone handouts. Right now you have to many people that think that they are "entitled" to government handouts. This entitlement mentality is partially what is killing this country to begin with. What the HE77 are we entitled to???? I'll tell you LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Now you state President Trump is a weak, not week, person of weak character. That is your, most liberals, and the MSM opinions. However he is not a double speak out of both sides of your mouth politician. As I stated he speaks what is on his mind whether you and anyone likes it or not. Most people who do that are people of HIGH character. Those that double speak out of both sides of their mouth as most all politicans a are those of weak character since you DO NOT know where they stand. Which is exactly what they want. You use the word "Nationalism". That was a talking point brought about by the MSM of which you fell hook, line and sinker for. Do I think President Trump is a Nationalist? No. I think he is an American that cares about the country he is in charge of protecting. YES. The country that gives ME and YOU the opportunities we have. You may not like his policies but I bet you sure like the extra money in your paycheck every week. The United States of American is the land of opportunity not the land of everyone drives the same car, lives in the same type of house, works at the same job, it's the chance of becoming something. I'll pose the question to you that I use to determine who is a liberal or conservative. I won't tell you how I can tell. But the question is "Is the sky blue?" SR
  7. I'll offer you a challenge if you are willing to accept it. And @keylime will agree. Turn off CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the alphabet networks/websites for a week. And watch and read the animal channel/website Foxnews. Primarily Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingram. Then come back with your finding and opinions. As the line from the X-Files states "The truth is out there"(but it's not on CNN, MSNBC, or the rest of their ilk). And to prove my point look no further than that hack Rachel Madbrow. She spent 2 whole years of her failing show on the Russia Collusion scandal only to be proven WRONG. Where was her PROOF?????? Are you willing to accept the challenge? Start next Monday January 13-17, 2020. That gives you a whole week to fact check without going to the liberal channels and websites. SR
  8. I'd like to interject something here. You both are amusing as he77. I will side with @keylime on this. Nothing against you @utah rock but your facts in the story you introduced are not even what is considered equivalent. The investigation that they did on Hillarious was not even related to the chants at the rallies held by our Commander in Chief as stated in your posted article. So the story you posted is still incorrect and inconsistent as are most stories from the MSM and primarily the left leaning Trump hating CNN. So how is that you are asking? Well I"m glad you asked so let me explain. The story however partially true with regards to the "investigation" with regards to the Clinton Foundation was not the investigation that SHOULD be done. Who cares about the money laundering Clinton Foundation but Bill and Hillarious. I'm sure they covered their tracks whether well to skirt ANY investigation. So that's a mute point. So nobody cares about that. Now the investigation that SHOULD be done is Bengazi and the missing emails on her unclassified and unsecured server. Which is the real crime with Hillarious. In the article you posted the chants of 'LOCK HER UP!!" are about Bengazi and the email issue of which she is 100% guilty of. Now you want facts the facts are out there in the open and not locked up behind some doctored foundation paperwork created by the Clintons. As for your comment "are the numbers wrong as far as convictions" yes they are. Now if you want to compare apples to apples then yes there would be plenty of convictions including Hillarious herself for the Bengazi and email scandal. As most liberals are they spin what they think they want you to think and believe. And a lot of people like yourself get caught up in that spin. If you haven't noticed and I"m not calling you out on your age but you sound like someone that is young enough to be indoctrinated in some liberal far left leaning school or teacher. And if you haven't noticed all liberal dumbocrats have been attacking OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP since before he took office. Why you ask? Again I"m glad you asked. Because he is an outsider that the dumbocrats don't want their secrets exposed. He's not a politician that can be bought by the lobbies as everyone in congress is to some degree. He states what on his mind and tells it like it is whether you or any liberal likes it our not. Like him or not and I'm leaning that you don't, I love what he as done for our country both the good and the bad. Why you ask? Again I'm glad you asked. Because it benefits EVERYONE. And no I won't go into the semantics because that's a War and Peace novel I do not want to write. Anyways thanks to both of you for your time and listening. A lively debate is a learning experience especially when the one losing opens their eyes and say "Hey you are right". SR
  9. Excuse me sir but who died and said that Iraq was "your" region???? Spot on their Pitcher. SPOT ON. SR
  10. So now that Iran launched missiles into Iraq, to retaliate on the US, does this not engage Iraq into defending it sovereignty as a nation??? What does the GOI and Mahdi do now???? Say oh it was nothing, do nothing, or actually protect their country against Iran with the help of the US??? Will the light bulb actually go on and shine on the Iranian puppets to expose them???? IMO we are at a severe turning point with Iraq as a sovereign nation. Who do they side with now???? We all here on DV know the answer to that question. Best cuddle up next to the big dog. Powder river let her buck. SR
  11. I don't know what Kap's issues are but he has been really negative as of late. All pro float and all anti RV. I know that is what he stated for a long time. But all the negative is getting a little monotonous. I"m not doggin on him but at least stop raining on the parade. SR
  12. But of course Karsten. If it comes from the Communist News Network it's got anti-Trump and Trump haters and those with Trump Derangement Syndrome written all over it. However if it comes from @DinarThug and our very own Clowny News Nutwork(yes this was intentionally spelled NUTWORK) then we know it's gotta be goooooooddddddddd. SR
  13. Just wait Pitcher it's coming. Maybe, dare I say, sooner then we might think after all this exciting news. I'm thinking that the plan is being executed, pardon the pun, as all this unfolds. SR
  14. Haters gonna hate NYK. Fox news is getting to the heart of the matter as we have all known here on DV forever. That Iraq has a choice to make either side with the US or side with Iran. So as @Adam Montana said the next 48 hours are going to be very telling. I'm betting he wasn't counting on this. SR
  15. Here is my question on the education and lower denominations. So we all see pictures of stacks of $100 USD and some $20 USD basically as stock photos. And we have and/or still are sending USD to Iraq. What would those denominations be?? Would we also be sending them our coins as well?? So if they are "exclusively", which one could only presume that they are not, using USD/coins would they then not be familiar with those same denominations in IQD?? So I am kind of curious what amount of education the citizens would need?? Other than the new market rates of products what else is going to actually change in Iraq?? A loaf of bread that was once 1010 IQD is now say 75 fils. A gallon of gas was 1500 IQD/gallon is now 1.25 IQD/gallon. And don't gig me about the math I'm not making a direct conversion just saying. So the only education that I can see is when it comes to purchases and not so much on the IQD itself if the lower denominations are equal to the USD. What I am guessing, SWAG, is that they will send out a conversion chart of some sort to help with purchasing so the citizens don't feel that they are getting ripped off. And with the banking so the citizens know that the IQD that they have in the bank now has more purchasing power after the rate change. Just my and by no means any implied suggestions of anything. SR
  16. What is this the 15th Christmas RV they have predicted???? SR
  17. Who's on 1st, What's on 2nd, I don't know 3rd base. Come on Pitcher that's a classic you should never flub up. J/K ya Pitcher. Thanks for all you bring here and the laughs. SR
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