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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Central heading into a large printed banknotes


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to create the removal of the zeros in the coming period.

like I said in another thread.

issue 50,000 and 100,000 thereby removing 10,000 and 25,00h0 thousand

from the market.

then in the, "COMING PERIOD",take the 50,000 and 100,000 of the market

paving the way for an RVsometime after September.


hahahahaha   dang LGD  your starting to sound like Luigi

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Some of you squirm for no reason, relax.  There will be no loans to Iraq prior to the revalue.

So what happened TLAR?


Iraq signed a contract with Japan on two loans worth $ 735 million


Baghdad / term 


The Ministry of Finance, on Monday, with Japan a final contract for energy and sanitation valued at $ 735 million, while the Japanese side confirmed that it was considering necessary to contribute to the reconstruction of the liberated areas plans.

Said Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari at a press conference in the ministry building on the sidelines of the signing of the contract with the Japanese Agency "JICA" head Shuhei Hara and I followed the "long", he said that "Iraq has signed with Japan in the final two loans facilitators of energy and sanitation valued at $ 735 million," noting that "the first loan worth $ 450 million was allocated to electricity projects the reconstruction of the building sub-power stations in the center and south, and by concessional interest rates and repayment period of 20 years including 6 years grace." 

Zebari said, "The second loan of $ 285 million will be allocated for the reconstruction projects Sanitation in Arbil, "explaining that" the benefit of this loan will also be a facilitator and the period of repayment of 40 years including 10 years grace. " 

He pointed Zebari that "the Japanese government stood with Iraq and provided valuable and development aid since 2003 and until now, one of our key partners in re the reconstruction of Iraq, "pointing out that" loans, which was signed them yesterday is 22 and 23 of the Japanese loan. " 

For his part, President of the Japanese Agency "JICA" said Shuhei Hara, "The loan provided to project power in Iraq would improve the energy transfer processes and stability, especially in the center and south, "noting that aid not only on humanitarian needs are limited, but on education and the provision of housing and the preservation of cultural heritage." 

said Shuhei Hara, that "Japan is also studying the necessary plans to contribute to the reconstruction of liberated areas" is noteworthy that the Ministry of Finance signed on 25 May, a contract initially with Japan on the two loans facilitators of energy and sanitation. 

The Minister of Transport Baqir al-Zubaidi, Sunday (24 May 2015), the second loan with Japan worth $ 325 million signatures, and among it would be dedicated to the development of the port of Khor Al-Zubair , he stressed that would be repaid over 40 years.



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Some of you squirm for no reason, relax.  There will be no loans to Iraq prior to the revalue.

So I guess you were wrong??


Iraq Gets World Bank Funding To Rebuild War-Struck Regions
By Reuters on July 12 2015 12:10 PM EDT
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Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari (right) shakes hands with World Bank Director for the Middle East Ferid Belhaj during a news conference in Baghdad July 12, 2015. Reuters/Khalid al-Mousily

BAGHDAD -- Iraq and the World Bank signed a $350 million loan agreement Sunday to fund emergency reconstruction in towns recaptured from Islamic State group militants, a deal Baghdad said marked the first international help to rebuild areas devastated by war. Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari said about one-third of the money would go toward repairing roads and bridges, with a similar amount allocated to restoring electricity networks, water and sewage.

Iraq faces a budget deficit of as much as $20 billion this year as it grapples with low oil revenue and the high cost of war with Islamic State group insurgents. The militants hold much of northern and western Iraq, but have been driven out of parts of Diyala and Salahuddin provinces north of Baghdad by Shiite militia, Kurdish peshmerga and Iraqi security forces, backed by U.S.-led airstrikes.

The extensive damage from those battles has left the Iraqi government, whose revenue has been battered by the halving in world oil prices, appealing for international help.

“This is the first direct tangible assistance for the reconstruction and stabilization efforts by the government to normalize life in the areas liberated from ISIS,” Zebari said at a signing ceremony in Baghdad, referring to the Islamic State group. He said Sunday’s deal granted Iraq a 15-year loan at around 1 percent interest, with a five-year grace period.

Iraq has also received pledges of financial support for a government reconstruction fund from the U.S., the European Union, Japan and individual European countries, Zebari said, but Sunday’s loan was the first to materialize.

Iraq’s Worst Crisis

Iraqi forces recaptured Tikrit, hometown of former leader Saddam Hussein, three months ago, in the biggest gain by government forces since Islamic State group fighters swept through northern Iraq in June 2014. But extensive damage and leftover bombs, as well as Sunni residents’ fear of retribution from mainly Shiite fighters who retook Tikrit, mean only 4,000 families have returned.

A World Bank loan document said there was a need to restore basic services quickly and to show that the “state is re-establishing its presence and credibility.” Iraq was “possibly going through the worst and most dangerous challenge to its territorial integrity, economic sustainability and human development capacity,” it said.

The World Bank is also preparing a separate $1 billion loan to help Baghdad deal with its budget deficit.

Bank officials say the program, awaiting approval by the bank’s board, aims to improve energy efficiency, reform state-owned enterprises and improve the efficiency of budget spending.

“We would like to be as fast with this budget support as we have been with the investment operation,” said Ferid Belhaj, the bank’s Middle East director. “We are looking forward to finalizing the process by … September or October.”

A third tranche of assistance of $355 million, aimed at improving road networks including links to the southern port of Umm Qasr, was approved by the World Bank in December 2013, but was ratified by Iraq’s new parliament only in March.

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Because there are too many dinar in circulation and their economy can't support a rate above 1166. Shabibi moved it 4 pips and it can't support that even.


Circulation is not supply. Circulation includes [supply + digital fractional banking]


Value of an IQD is based upon supply not circulation. IQD has no value presently in the world market place, as it has not been tagged to GNP/GDP.


4 pip movement is artificial and based upon auction activity only.


So if NWO wants to change the game in mid stream and attach [upon release] the IQD to include [digital fractional banking aka derivatives] then again this is pure highway robbery of the highest order.


Supply of IQD [the physical IQD note] has been brought way down since 2008. While the bankers indebt Iraq exponentially and artificially by 'digital fractional banking] aka; borrowing fractionally from each and every IQD in the system supply. This is why M2 increases but MO +M1 does not or stays relatively the same. http://www.nytimes.c...gewanted=3&_r=0


For example the USD M0 +M1 has gone up slightly in comparison to America's M2 M3 etc etc multi trillion debt.


Don't forget that the traitor who signed in the Rothschild Fed. Reserve of 1913 was British linked Woodrow Wilson who was on the USD 100K note.

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This article seems to me to be way out of reality. Iraq just signed last summer a $1 Billion military armament package with Russia.


Iraq is paying Kuwait $7 Billion in 2015 and then wants to borrow a few $million for a [$million dollar emergency fund?] ~ defies logic!

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this is CBI campaign to let know people in Iraq new notes are coming. And I believe the new notes are the lower denomination notes

1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 notes.


Laid Back I stated this a few months ago. Here is the reasoning behind why... most major currencies are in denominations that you mention with a few exceptions. Since the Iraqi citizens are using the dollar, their mindset is already in those denominations. So when the RV does happen, the average citizen will more than likely not be confused when going from the dollar to the dinar because it will already be set up to do business in those denominations. An example of what I am talking about is like going from a deca(10) numbering system to a octa (8) number system. People would be confused by switching but eventually would get used to the new numbering system. But if they kept the same numbering system then there would be a lot less education needed for the average person when converting the currency to a higher value. My belief is they will remove the 25K notes and convert them to 20K notes. They won't pull the 10K notes from the market until the deletion of zeros. By pulling 25K notes, introducing the 20K notes and then deleting the zeros, it will be more in line with the major currencies like the dollar. They just need to go through the steps to get this done.

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